Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Memories

Our fun-filled Easter weekend continued on Saturday night with the dying of the Easter eggs. We really love doing this. If only it weren't for the mess! Notice the extensive measures we went to not to get any on the counter or on the girl's shirts:) It sure brings back childhood memories. After the eggs we watched the Jesus movie. I think we are going to make that a tradition. It was really good.
Our lovely Chicks on Easter Morning. We had our own kick-butt indoor Easter egg hunt. It was sooo fun. After the fiasco, the day before it wouldn't take much to beat that:) Later after church we went to our neighbor's house for a wonderful lunch and another Easter egg hunt!! It was rockin' too I might add. My lovely friend Kelly decorated all of the kid's pails with their names on it and went to an extraordinary amount of trouble to make sure all of them got certain "special" eggs with goodies like nail polish and lip gloss! Isn't she the best?!

Full on action shots of the girls huntin' down those eggs. They had a blast and it was so cute to see them desperately looking for the eggs and then running right past them. Those darn eggs are kind of hard to see;0

Last but not least, me and my honey.
Isn't he cute? We had such a wonderful Easter spent with our loved ones. Hope you did too!!
Have a blessed day!

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