Tuesday, August 27, 2013

silent night...all is calm all is bright:)


Hello sweet friends... 

No your eyes are not deceiving you.  I have Christmas lights up in August!!! 

My talented friend Tara is promoting her sign shop for Christmas and asked a few us to show them off in our houses.  I'm a huge Between You and Me fan.  Remember my porch sign?!! Anyhoo I've been following along with the linky party and her signs really make any space look incredible.

Silent night is one of my very favorite Christmas songs.  It seriously evokes a sense of peace immediately doesn't it!?  I may just leave it up year round.  That's okay right?  There are no rules in decorating in my book...just live with what you love period.

It makes sense to go ahead and show you the rest of the room.  We recently painted in there.  I had tan walls.  I think it was called Richmond Tan.  Hmmmm wonder why I painted it that?;)  Anyway good old black chalkboard paint was calling me...more like YELLING for me to repaint!! The other walls were repainted Navajo White and even though they still look tan in the pic they are a creamy white. 
The polka dot rug came from IKEA for $20.  YES people 20 DOLLARS!!!  Goodness I love me some IKEA!!!
Now to do something with that area in the corner above the board games.  My friend Tamara suggested empty painted frames to keep score tallies in.  Kinda love that idea.

But I'm also toying with the idea of doing an art chalk design.  You see them everywhere.  I'd love to get brave and see if I could do it.  I found this awesome video on Pinterest.  Isn't this artist amazing?

So addition to painting (my honey actually painted...God bless him!!!) I made curtains...WITH RUFFLES!! Uh not sure what made me so ambitious, but I did it and they make me literally giggle with joy when I look at them! 
I actually broke my machine making these cute curtains, but it was worth it and FYI buying a new sewing machine is actually cheaper than getting your old one fixed.  What a ripoff that is!  I'm probably going to end up with a dozen broken machines over the course of my life;)  Cause you know this Farmgirl is gonna do that's just inevitable!

So there you have it.  Christmas in August:)) 

Go check out the other amazing signs Tara has out there, and if you buy by Nov. 15th it will be 10% off if you use the code FARMGIRL10.  Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!



Be a blessing!

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