Friday, August 30, 2013

heavy lifting

Oh hey there friends.  Quick update on my honey.  In my last post I mentioned that he needed hernia surgery.  Well we jumped on that the first chance we got.  As of right now he's three days in.  He's moving very slow.  Still struggling with the pain a bit, but the hard part is over and we are believing for a complete and total recovery.

Here's the back story.  He comes in to take a shower after going to the gym and mowing grass and notices a bulge.  YIKES!  He calls me over.  I'm like dude...I have no idea what that is.  We need to head on over to the ER or something like right now. 

Then it hits me...hernia.  That has to be it.  He immediately gets light headed.  Has to bend over in the shower not to pass out.  And all of a sudden it hurts.  Tell me there isn't a mind/body connection.  Poor thing:/ 

Now for the average joe a hernia can be a very common no drama thing to get.  Some people even live with theirs for years or do nothing.  That was never an was a must.  Just in case you don't know this about him he is a workout machine.  It's THE thing that makes him tick.  THE thing that brings him joy, relieves his stress...makes him a happy tolerable person:)  He had to get back to it asap.

The girls and I just knew.  We looked at each other and the realization set in that this was gonna be HARD, not just for him, but HARD on us.  So for a week before the surgery we heard the word hernia about a thousand times a day.  It was like he was in denial and the hernia had ruined his life.  We needed symbols to mark time...BH or AH. 

He compared it to me not being able to take pictures or create.  Whoa when you put it like that I completely get it.  I'd feel like my arms were missing.  It's amazing how certain things become a part of us.  It's like breathing...and that's what lifting weights and working out is to him...air.

There's a sense of loss.  And I'm not just talking about this set back.  It's just one of many we've felt over the last several months.  I know the day is coming when what was removed will be restored.  When what doesn't make sense will come into focus.  But right now we are just leaving all the heavy lifting up to Someone else.  We're taking that mandatory rest.  And as painful as that is, and as wrong as it feels to do nothing...sometimes you just have to leave it alone and heal.

Be a blessing.


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