Tuesday, September 3, 2013

it begins today...Etsy shop reopens!!!

Good morning sweet friends.  I'm in throes of our first back to school morning!  Oh happy day...not:\  You know I'm one of those mommas...the ones by the bus holding in the tears.  A smidgen overly sentimental.  I just can't help myself.  That big yellow bus is a visual reminder that another year just passed.  One less year with them at home.  And yes life does keep busing along at a very bumpy noisy pace. 

So in keeping with that forward moving on mentality what better distraction than to reopen my Etsy shop!!!! 
It's been a crazy busy summer.  And not just with trips and fun pool dates.  Every chance I got I was shopping for inventory.  Looking for just the right supplies to make these cuffs and now KEYCHAINS unique and extra special for you.

One of my very favorite people in the world came along side to help me.  She's now my "go to" girl.  She's whipped the shop into a much smoother, more organized place.  She's photographing all the inventory, editing and listing in Etsy.  She's also my shipping department:) Whew!  She makes my days a lot easier...she makes me laugh...and she keeps me company.  SCORE!!

I'm so grateful the Lord brought Miss Tamara into my life because the fact is I need her.  Not just her help, and her mad skills, but her friendship:)  So this is going to change everything people.  I have help now, and help means more cuffs.  And hopefully some fun future Instagram sales eeeeeek! 

So here are a few new things we've added to the shop.  For years I've been collecting the buckles.  Not really knowing what in the world to do with them, but also knowing someday the inspiration would come.  And it did come!!! 
KEYCHAINS...really cool...REALLY UNIQUE one of a kind keychains!!!!  I'm super excited about these.  Some of the ones with big buckles can also be used for self defense;)  Just sayin'!  Somebody comes at ya in a parking lot...WHAM!  Whack 'em with your buckle keychain and problem solved.  It's a two-fer;)

And just in case you're new to the whole custom cuff/keychain thing. 
It's easy peasy:

1.  Just visit my site.  Pick out your favorite cuff or keychain.
2.  Specify what "blank" you want.
3.  Choose your words.  I have an idea list, but you can come up with your very own:)
4.  Then sit back and bask in the awesome realization that YOU just designed a one of a kind handmade statement piece for you or your loved one.  Perfect for anyone...teachers, bus drivers, your honey, sister, best friend, mom, pastor, drycleaner etc...

PLEASE NOTE...I'll be open from today until Sept 10th.
Closed in October to restock and then open in November for 10 days.
Closed in December and January.

These girls are this month's shop sponsors:

Thank you girls!!! 
Make sure to check them out for your coupon code and also follow along with me on IG (farmgirlpaints) for some other coupons coming your way:))

Be a blessing.

back to a routine
a friend to work with
good schools for my girlies
fall is, hats...
creating again
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