Friday, June 21, 2013

sugar sisters

There's a dance in life.  On a good day it's a smooth ballroom glide when everything is going as you think it should be.  Then there's the fast paced quick step that comes when things fall out of balance and you're moving those feet as fast as you can just to keep up...trying not to stumble or fall because then you might as well sit down and wait for the next song;)  I had a quick step moment a couple of weeks ago when I found out that not just one of my dear friends here were moving, but two of them!

I'll be honest.  I didn't handle it well.  I cried for two days.  I couldn't really talk about it.  I was a little angry.  I wanted to move run away.  I questioned God and why He was allowing my people to leave.  And then just like with any grieving process the shift happened and acceptance finally sunk in.

These are the girls that were my saving grace when we first moved to VA two years ago. I'll never forget the moment that we went beyond the surface. We originally met at a "moving on" group and clicked, so we scheduled a lunch at TGIF's. I remember the booth, my meal...everything.  I was on some sort of diet at the time, and was being really picky with my food. We had the place to ourselves.

We sat off to the side, hunkered in and just started spilling all that we were going through. There were some laughs, but at that moment in time there were more tears. At the end of the meal (they shared some sugary dessert), before we went our separate ways, we joined pinky fingers and swore that we'd be there for each other. We'd listen. We'd share. We'd go beyond the fluff and pray. It was a defining moment, one I'll never forget.  As dorky as it sounds we named ourselves...the sugar sisters;)

At first I had to remind myself to call and text them when I wanted to share life stuff.  Having just moved it was easier to go back to my old friends and not take the time to invest in the new.  Those relationships were already established.  The work had been done...the foundation poured.  Making new friends was exhausting and risky.

But then slowly over time and experiences we formed our sisterhood. Our face time was occasional.  We all lead busy lives, but our bond was strong and I fell in love with these girls.  I've got a storehouse of memories...jammin' in the car with Lenina...thumping to her gospel music.  Going gun shopping with them;) Junking with Joannie. Tea time. Many a heart to heart:)

I hate that they are leaving me...

BUT I'm honestly so very excited to see what God has in store for them/me in this next chapter.  Even though they won't be 3 minutes down the road I know we'll always share that pinky swear day.  We'll always be sugar sisters.  Maybe the next dance will be a salsa...sounds spicy:))

Be a blessing.

no ugly cry at the farewell party, ugliest cake on the planet, giving your heart away...
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