Thursday, June 20, 2013

the feel good zone

You know what I love most about summer?  The pressure is off.  I'm slowly unwinding.  I can actually feel myself relaxing.  Every little twitch...anxious taking a backburner.  I'm letting go of the time crunch.  The constant goooooo.  This leaning into real life is what it's all about.  It's liberating.  Seriously summer has been good and it's only the first week:) 

We've already established a little routine.  I get up before the girls.  I sip on my black coffee...oh yeah if you don't have Instagram you don't know this about me.  I've gone black girls;)  Seriously I never thought I could do it, but I just did!  And it's not that bad.  I add a little Stevia and it's doable.  I did it because I'm a sugarholic.  Even that little bit in my coffee sort of triggered me for the sweet taste all day long.  So I'm cut off.  I know this about myself and I can change.  I can! 

Anyhoo I get up before the girls...have my coffee, read my devotional, bask in the sunshine on my back deck.  Then they get up, eat and play Barbies together etc...while I hit the gym:))  I can feel my mojo coming back.  In the afternoon they read or play separately and I do my organize my office!  Hopefully there will be many an afternoon of pool time, painting, exploring our area.  I {heart} summer!!!! 

I don't have any important things to talk about.  I've been feeling a brain meltdown lately.  It's a good meltdown.  I'm just "off" right now.  My body/mind is resting.  I'm much more patient.  I'm making dinner, and actually taking the time to explain things and cook with my little chick.  Maybe during this "vacation" season I can figure out the secret for staying in this peaceful/relaxed place even in the midst of the hectic.  I want it so badly.

Next week we take off for home, Illinois, and I can hardly wait.  The girls and I will be gone for two WHOLE weeks.  I've been missing my people.  Missing the wide open spaces...the super slow pace.  The lazy days in the country are calling me:) 

I'm anxious to have my mom and dad dote on me;)  To sit on the porch swing and gaze into miles and miles of open farmland.  We'll hit every antique/thrift store in a 50 mile radius.  I'll get to have some face to face friend time.  We are sneaking up to Michigan too!!  I can hardly wait.  If you want to follow along...check me out on Instagram farmgirlpaints is my name:)

Be a blessing.

belts galore, my little helper, the "find" shipping station;), hearing from You through nature, a sweet friend that tromps around town in the pouring rain...blessed
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