Friday, May 24, 2013

the perfect storm

I really should be packing...or cuffing or any number of things, but I had this on my heart and I just needed to share.  Yesterday was a doozy.  It started with my little chick getting a horrific nosebleed right as she was getting on the bus.  Blood was dripping everywhere.  The bus was were staring.  She was bawling.  You get the drift.  Adrenaline was flowing, came home from that a little stressed, but you know it's life stuff.  You brush it off.  You take a deep breath and you go onto the next thing.

BUT the next thing was a little more stressful.  Our main water line to the house busted, and after hours of being gone I came home to about 3 inches of standing water in the storage area of our basement.  Honey was out of town.  I couldn't find the shut off valve.  Water was gushing everywhere.  I ran barefoot to our neighbors house in a panic.  I put the pipes together the best I could, holding on with every ounce of strength I had while she frantically looked for the shut off valve.  Thankfully the spec house across the street had all the contractors there meeting for some reason.  I had her run and get a man!  He calmly shut it down and had our builder and a plumber there within minutes.  It was such a God thing.   

We had damage.  Our carpet got saturated and will need repaired or replaced.  We lost a few things.  We had a restoration company come in and do what they do.  It will all be okay.  It's only stuff.  Through it all I couldn't help but think of Oklahoma and what they are going through. I'm sure they are sad about their stuff, but I can with all honesty tell you their focus isn't on the loss of their's counting their blessings.  If they made it with their people alive THAT is what they are thinking about.  Stuff is stuff.  You realize really quick what matters and NONE of this does.

There are days that present as a perfect storm.  Every little thing that could go wrong does, but as I was laying in bed last night I could see God's provision through it all. 

At the bus someone had wetwipes. 

The contractors were there and had it under control within minutes. 
We are going out of town this weekend.  If it would have been one more day our entire house might have had to be gutted and we would have lost all those memory boxes etc... 
Just the thought of that brings me to my knees with gratitude.  God is good...even when it seems unfair or crappy.  He's there in those dark, hard moments.  I can't imagine facing these things...these everyday hiccups without Him.

Be a blessing.

restoration people
my precious neighbor who spent hours helping me move stuff out
the chance to regroup and start over

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