Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vera Mae


This weekend was soft and sweet and smelled so good.  She cooed and snuggled and melted our hearts.  I'm talking of course about our precious Vera Mae.  I say "our" because we've kind of laid claim on her.  We were there when Alicia and Jarrod announced to the kids last summer that they were expecting.  If you missed that post see it here. They're our stand-in family on the East Coast, so of course little Vera is like a new little family member and we couldn't love her more.

I don't know why, but when I snatched her up and drank her in for the first time I cried like a baby.  It was so emotional.  This little one whom we've prayed for.  Who Alicia and I discussed before they even conceived.  Who I knew was there...before she even told me over the phone!  I knew!!  

And God knew just what they needed.  Even with the question marks and uncertainty that life can throw...and the timing feeling off.  God just knows.  It fits together.  It makes sense...after the fact;)

So this weekend we celebrated her:)
We cuddled and comforted.  We kissed her little head and counted all her fingers and toes.  And secretly when and Vera, had a minute alone, I prayed a blessing over her.  That He would keep her close all the days of her life.  That He would cover her with His wings.  That He would shelter her from harm.  That she would never doubt her heavenly Daddy's love...not even for a minute.  Welcome to the family sweet baby girl!  We love you!!!

It was a good weekend...

Be a blessing.
new life
teeeeny tiny fingers and toes
big yawns
tiny little diapers
the girls loving on her
couples massage;)
the corner kitchen...the screen door...girlfriend time
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