Wednesday, May 1, 2013

OPEN for business:)

Note to time you plan on traveling for most of the month make sure to have your work done BEFORE you leave.  Girls I've been scrambling.  Like really really scrambling to get my shop up and ready.  But I got it done!  I DID!!!  I'm so proud of myself;)

Farmgirl Paints Etsy is officially open for business.  Let's see we've got Mother's day at our heels.  Graduation is coming up, teacher appreciation, and Father's day.  These make the perfect gift.

Oh and I even got those luggage/camera/backpack/lunch ID tags listed!  It's a miracle.  See another miracle:)  I'm writing this Tuesday night.  The night before I open, and I have to admit I have some butterflies.  March was so crazy insane busy.  I have no idea what to expect this time around.  Will my shop continue to thrive?  Will it slow down?  I've already made the decision to take off July and August to be with the girls.  It's kind of scary...this blind trust.  But that's where I'm at constantly.  One blindfolded step at a time.

My friends Megan and Tara are offering discount codes for my shop on their blogs. 
You don't want to miss out on that:)

Be a blessing.

friends that know just what to say...just what to pray
hands that are strong and capable to work hard
the best belt picker in the world...erin
meeting deadlines
candlelight that smells of mango
Hawaiian music

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