Monday, April 29, 2013

random miracles


Happy to report our heartbreak over the neighbors moving didn't actually kill any of us.  Despite the crazy crying and sadness...we are still kicking.  Miracle.  Sometimes it feels like it will though right?  We've all lost people.  All dealt with disappointment and tremendous sadness.  Remembering the "in crisis" signs on the Golden Gate...people really do feel like their lives are over and the pain will never subside when faced with trials.  But it does subside and life goes on. Tomorrow is always a new day.  Hopefully a much better brighter day.

When little chick brought home a redbud seedling from school, on the night we had our final goodbye, I couldn't think of a more fitting farewell memory.  Together they planted that little hopes that it would take root...that it would continue to grow.  I'm praying the same thing over their lives.  That they will make the tremendous effort it takes to keep their friendship alive.  Even in this day and age of technology it takes a valiant two sided effort and sometimes even the best intentions fade with time.  It's definitely not easy. 

But Bree is a special little girl.  She's determined and relentless.  I know she'll do her part.  I feel it.  The friendship WILL grow.  It just will.  In one of the last conversations I had with her she said..."You never know where God will take you..."  Out of the mouths of babes;)  I just love it when children speak truth.  Speak God's wisdom.  Love her.  Yep you never know girl where God will take you.  Trusting His perfect plan over you and your sweet family and ours:)

In other random news I had a strange spot pop up on my hand literally over night a few weeks ago.  It was on my palm.  It was small, but really really dark.  You can barely see it in this pic.  It bugged me.  It was weird, and it just made me something wasn't right.  On vacation I vowed to get it checked out as soon as we got home and I remember shooting up an arrow prayer.  Hey Lord...can you get rid of this thing on my hand??  It bothers me and I don't like it.  Thanks:) 

We were sitting on the plane getting ready to fly home from vacation when I looked down and noticed it was gone.  Completely disappeared...couldn't even tell where it had been!!  I whooped and hollered and high fived my peeps and deep down I felt like I had a little miracle happen.  He did that just for me.  He was listening.  It was a special and my Savior.  He cares about the teeniest tiniest details of our lives. 

The miracles don't always come right away.  The signs aren't always flashing that He's listening...that He's present...but He is.  HE IS!  And I know that He's not only got the little things covered, but those big, sometimes unspoken things are being pieced together as well.  The puzzle is taking shape.  The pieces are being picked out, and one by one He is placing them right where they are meant to be.


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Be a blessing.

my honey's 40th
hope springs new
miracles do happen:)
truffles in a sweet fox easter basket
belts sent my way...thank you mary!
birthday wishes waiting to be opened;)

friends that come and go, but stay in the heart...
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