Thursday, May 9, 2013

greater is He


Hello sweet friends.  Taking a breather from cuffing to do what I love best, blogging:)  It took me forever and a day to go through these pictures from Yosemite.  And seriously I have enough here to make your eyes roll to the back of your head.  It's okay.  You really don't have to look at all of them.  But it's my blog...SO I MUST POST THEM:))))

As we were driving into the valley I think I yelled STOP THE CAR at an ear piercing decibel.  It was a giant field, with THIS unbelievably amazing backdrop, and I think my heart literally took flight.  Other than standing on the edge of forever watching a sunset in Hawaii...this had to be the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but before going to Yosemite I really had no idea what to expect.  I'd seen those granite mountains in paintings before, but I really didn't know they were an actual place.  I kind of thought they were an artist's depiction of heaven or something.  I know, I'm a nut!  But people it's REAL!  I've seen it with my own eyes. That background isn't photoshopped in.  If only I could add sound effects, so you could hear what the whole park SOUNDED like. The constant pounding of a distant majestic waterfall.  It was incredible!!

We saw several coyotes.  They were super tame and when we slowed down to snap pictures this one walked right up to the car:o

We saw lots of deer and a bobcat I think, but what we really were praying to see were BEARS!!!!!!  I mean really.  We went all the way to bear country.  Bought a whistle and everything and no bears!  There were warning signs everywhere and nada.  It was tragic.  That really would have spiced up the week;)

On one very chilly snow spittin' day we just didn't have the grit to hike, so we glamped a bit and had a fancy lunch at one of the lodges.  I got trout.  I felt very adult and sophisticated.  We shared gelato, again fancy;) It was a nice departure from cooking at the house. 

I love these pics by the way.  My little chick made her bestie Bree in sticky form.  My honey is stressing over the menu.  Can you see the concentrated effort he's making to find something he not only likes, but can afford lol;)??  Oh goodness.  The pictures really bring it all back.  All that's missing is the click, click, click of me taking pictures non-stop:)

And yes...we made it to those Sequoia trees.  The ones I've been dreaming about since I was little chick's age.  They really do exist. 

If I close my eyes I'm there.  I can smell the trees.  I can feel the chill.  I can still remember the burn in my legs from walking and walking and walking.  The little thrill in my spirit from the adventure we were on...the memories we were making.  Oh to bottle all that up!


One of my favorite days EVER!

So you know I can't just talk about amazing as all that was.  That's been several weeks ago and life has been happening. 
I had a phone call with a friend recently and she noted something in my voice.  She nailed it actually.  She said she could hear despair!  Yikes!!  I was telling her about my week.  The one where our neighbors moved.  I was telling her about feeling lonely and wishing for some things to change.  Just life stuff.  And she said that despair wasn't from the Lord...that it was the enemy and that I needed to take authority over it.  She took the time to say a prayer over me.  She gave me some praise songs to listen to, and she told me about the Jesus Culture station on Pandora...which I love (and listen to while I'm cuffing).  She left me feeling lighter and less burdened.  I know some things were broken off me right then.

I know about spiritual warfare.  I know we don't fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities and the enemy (Eph 6:12).  I know that greater is HE that is in me, than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4).  I know that satan is out to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).  I know all that, but I had seriously just forgotten.  I was thinking it was just the ups and downs of life etc...  But really I had allowed a stronghold to develop.  I'm not kidding you, once she brought the spotlight out and exposed it for what it was and we prayed...immediately it WAS GONE!  I instantly felt 10 pounds lighter.  And I haven't been obsessing.  I haven't felt weepy.  The chains just broke off.  Praise God!
I don't know why I stumble around in life sometimes, struggling or worrying, when I HAVE the authority in Jesus name to change it.  That mean old devil is out to make our lives miserable, and we don't have to let him!  Seriously people...if you've been going around and around that same mountain and you have been feeling SO HEAVY and SO LOW...put on some praise music.  Call a friend and pray.  Take authority over the enemy!!  Stand on the word and HIS promises.  We are the victors.  Don't stay shackled because you forget who we are fighting against.  It's time to declare war!

Be a blessing.

the sound of water falling
pine cones as big as my head
walking through giant trees
singing praise songs in the forest
bears and mountain lions that hid from us;)
a GOD that delivers!
friends that speak truth and pray
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