Friday, April 12, 2013

pushing 40

I took these pictures exactly one year ago today.  We were in Palm Springs...staying in that glass house.  Remember this post??  The lighting was interesting.  I couldn't help, but take a few self pics.  I was getting ready to turn 39 in a few weeks.  I wanted to capture my face and freeze it in time;) 

It's a year later.  I'm 33 days away from the big 4-0.  If I was on the ball I would have written this post 7 days ago and entitled it 40 until 40, but I'm not that organized. Shocker;)  I had ideas of doing a 40 by 40 bucket list type thing.  You know 40 things I would want to achieve, by the time I'm 40.  That didn't happen either:/  Geesh the pressure I put on myself.  Why??  Like 40 means it's all over??  Throw in the towel...your time is up...ha!  Thank God that's not true.

What is it about 40 that freaks most of us out?  For me it's this giant number looming large.  Like I should have all my ducks in order.  I should have that book written by now.  I should have lost those last ten pounds.  I should have achieved all my goals!  I should've... 

And I'll be really honest.  I haven't.  I weighed this morning...for the first time in ages.  I'm right where I'm always at.  Dang this middle aged body;)  Like I thought magically, without any dietary restrain, those 10 extra pounds would've magically melted away.  That book...not quite started:0

And here's the kicker.  I can tell I'm approaching 40 because I'm getting to the point where the strive for "perfection" doesn't appeal to me AT ALL anymore.  I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not ready to give up and go all frumpy.  I'm not bowing out on my dreams...I couldn't even if I tried;)  It's just that I'd much rather walk than run.  I'd much rather have a piece of chocolate than a green drink.  I'm going to do what's there and not force it.  I just want to be a little selfish and enjoy myself more.  Is that so wrong??  (I'm also pmsing...can you tell?)  My 30's were about pushing...striving.  Maybe the 40's are about settling in and enjoying the ride.  And it is a ride...going very very fast.  If we don't enjoy it, and look around a bit, pretty soon it's all going to be nothing but a big giant blur. 

So that's where I'm at.  My random thoughts on aging.  I hear it's great...the 40's.  Unless all of you have lied to me!;)  At this very moment I'm heading somewhere pretty cool to enjoy some down time with my precious peeps.  It's part of my "enjoy every moment" campaign lol!!  Can you guess where we're going?  If you can't wait to find out follow along on IG...@ farmgirlpaints

Oh and I'd love to hear 3 things that you absolutely love about yourself...your body, your personality, your life!  We are all so blessed, but it's easy to point out the negatives.  Tell me what you LOVE!  I'll be back soon.  With lots of stories to tell I'm sure.

I'll start...
1.) I love my smile and that my eyes crinkle a bit:)
2.) I love that I'm creative.
3)  I love that I get to stay home and explore that creativity;)

Be a blessing.

adventure seeking family members
sleeping in
eating whatever...whenever
crisp fresh air
people watching
nature at it's finest
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