Monday, April 23, 2012

the glass house

(In the bathroom at one of the airports...motion sick!)

Last week was a wee bit challenging.  I had what we like to refer to in the Strahle house...pttdPost traumatic trip disorder.  You see I don't travel well.  I LOVE to travel.  Love to see new places and people watch, but instictively on travel days I wake up and my body just knows.  It does.  Weirdest thing.  Anyway our flight home was awful!  The flight was canceled and booked for two days later.  Finally we got a new flight, one to Denver (with the worst turbulence EVER) and then to DC...2+ hours from our house.  All in all it took us 23 hours to get back to Virginia.  So when I wildly dramatically declared that I would never go back to California it was PTTD related.  I feel the need to clarify;)  I spent most of last week regrouping.  Trying to get my groove back on.  Why does vacation do this?  We are supposed to come back all refreshed.  Didn't happen!

Okay so back to vacay pictures;)  I'm such a goof.  I know there is a parallel between glass houses and life, but I can't remember what it is. So I googled "glass house" and found some lyrics for a few different songs. Uh whatever you do...don't do that.  Man there is a lot of garbage out there.  Anyhoo since I can't remember the point I'll make up my own.

We stayed in a glass house on our vacay. I spent hours on the Internet searching, and since I'm scared to death of getting bed bugs, we thought staying in a house might be better. Especially one made of glass walls and concrete. It seemed safer. Less for them to attach to or something. I know I'm a little paranoid, but bed bugs are the WORST. I know someone and it's an awful, sad story.

The house was a perfect escape. It couldn't have been any more different than what we have back in Virginia. It was one of those mid-century modern homes redone. Completely decked out in retro furniture, sparse decor and all white walls. Like every single surface in the house was white. Could that be any more opposite than my style or what?  It was just the ticket. Every morning we awoke to natural light. HEAVEN! I love my current house, but if there was one thing I would change this would be it. I need light and unfortunately my house doesn't get much. So a week of light was perfect.

The back yard was completely private.  We're talking tall hedge, big fence, low sitting neighbors, lots of bushes, palm trees...the works.  There was no looking in.  Yet it was a little disconcerting having no walls or coverings for privacy.  I went outside and snapped pics of honey one night and he didn't even notice!  How creepy is that??  Even our bathroom was all glass. 

One of the perks of having a house is not having to share.  I know shame on me, BUT I could go out in the morning and walk around in my pj's:)  I didn't have to suck it in or worry about looking pretty in my swimsuit.  Sitting by the pool in privacy was a brand new experience. 

If you look real close behind me...above the couch in the house...there is a naked lady picture.  It's one of the only things hanging in the house.  When I first saw it I was like...nice.  Very kid friendly and appropriate;)  Her face looks just like a young Barbara Streisand.  By end of the week I was almost mesmerized by it.  Wishing I could have taken it home with me;)  Ha!  Wouldn't that look great hanging above our bed in Virginia??

Still not sure of the perfect glass house tie in except to say it was a nice departure.  Getting over the exposed feeling took about a millisecond, but apparently I'm used to having people see right through me;) 

**I'm going to post a recipe Friday...and show the black room:)  Just FYI.

Have a blessed day.

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