Friday, February 8, 2013

the soft place

Happy Friday friends.  I hope you've had a great week.  To be honest I've been kind of a hot frazzled mess.  I'm 100% blaming hormones.

The other night I dreamed I was sitting in my daughter's third grade class getting ready for her Valentine's day party when in saunters Kelle Hampton.  Love her!  She's my blog crush.  She's also 9 months pregnant.  Anyway she sashays in...looking gorgeous and all put together as usual and she starts handing out lovely handmade Valentine's to MY daughter's class.  Meanwhile much to my horror I realize I don't have any Valentine's for little chick to hand out and she starts sobbing on the disappointed in me.

I mean what in the world kind of convoluted dream is that!?!?  I woke up in a teary panic..heart saddened.  I mean isn't that every woman's worst moment...dropping one of the many balls we have flying in the air. Letting down the people we love the most.  Grrrrrrrr!

Then there was the lunch with a friend that had me in a sobbing state when she just casually mentioned she might move. Might.  Probably won't, but might.  Did I say might??  I lost it.  Seriously I couldn't even make eye contact.  It's no secret moving was hard for me, but finding and keeping a friend that I have so much in common with...who gets me.  Well that's like a lifeline right now.  It took a feather to push me over that edge.

Seriously I blame hormones, but I also know that I love deeply. I'm emotional and sentimental and one giant sloppy mess most days, but that's okay.  I care a whole lot about the people in my life and sometimes that sets you up for big hurt.

As much as I love them, I know that I know, that it's just a teeeeeeny tinnnny speck of how much my Savior loves me...Valentine's in hand or not...emotional hot mess and all;)   Resting in that soft place of reassurance.  

**Thank you all so much for sharing your love stories with me.  I read each one.  It's so good to remember back isn't it??  Okay so the winner of the Eco Natural Soap give-away is:
Lindsey at Piecefully Home!  Congrats girl!!  
Her love story is here.  It's a good one.

Be a blessing.

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