Wednesday, February 6, 2013

our love story & a give-away!!


When Danielle asked me to write our love story I didn't hesitate. I love thinking about how we God brought us together. I've written our story before. It started in high school. Long story short I fell for the bad boy. We all do it. We think they need us...that we can change them. I fell hard and got majorly hurt. My honey came after that hurt. He was ALL good. He saw past the pain and took care of me. Nice role reversal...

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Okay friends...I've got a little treat for you.  I was asked recently to try out some products from an all natural, organic, family owned business called Eco Natural Soap.  They sent me a selection of products and I have to say I'm completely smitten

The Citrus Sunshine dry skin balm is absolutely heavenly.  It takes just a little bit and your hands are instantly soothed and moisturized.  The smell is amazing!!! 

The lemon-rosemary lip balm was a surprise.  It's bumpy on your lips, so that threw me, but my lips LOVE me when I put it on.  It's my favorite product!  It has completely won me over and you know I'm the lip balm queen.  I can't get in the car without applying.  The smell is beyond good and it's all natural.

The soaps they sent...The closest shave , The coconut milk/honey oatmeal bar and The Jojoba, shea and flaxseed bath and body bar are awesome.  I collect soaps.  I'm fussy.  I love to smell good and it needs to make me feel squeaky clean, but not dried out.  These all delivered!  I'm really excited that one of you will win 2 soaps, 1 body balm and 1 lip balm:)!! Go check out their site and let me know what you would pick...also just for fun if ya want...I'd love to hear YOUR love story. 

Be a blessing.


980.  friends over for the super bowl
981.  brownies two days in a row...eeeek!
982.  dinner and board games with the sweetest family
983.  CUFF sales that blew my mind...THANK YOU!!!!
984.  going down memory love lane 
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