Tuesday, February 12, 2013

13 to 100 years

I'm sitting here...the cursor is blinking...taunting me.  I have lots of posts I want to write, but lately I feel like pulling back.  Life is moving fast.  It's rolling on.  We're celebrating milestones and on the back end waiting for heavenly homecomings.

My girlie turned 13 this past week.  That's major.  She's officially a teenager.  I look at her and marvel at the young woman she's become.  She is no longer little...waaaaaaaa!  But that's okay.  I would rather her be who she is now than that cuddly little newborn.  She makes me proud PROUD!  It's a good age.  It's a good time to be a momma.

For her birthday I decided to relive my own teen years a bit, so I went and scooped up all the little make-up tidbits I thought she might like.  No eyeliner.  No major color.  Just a little powder and mascara.  Just a little blusher and some gloss.  I remember my mom teaching me the basics, and it just seems like a good time to pass them on to my sweet girl.  She squealed;)

Little chick got her this to attach to her backpack.  Perfect for her.  Love that she has this outlet.  It's a good thing.  If you don't follow her on Instagram you should check her out...bigchick7 is her IG name.  She has a gift.

Okay so in addition to my girlie reaching a milestone this past week my mom's mom is about to make her grand entrance to Heaven soon.  She turned 100 back in November and has been declining rapidly.  My mom got the call that she's only got a few days, so she flew out to Arizona to be with her.  She's there now.  She wants to be there when she finally dies.  I'm praying this gift for her.  It's major.  She's had her momma for 70 years.  She wants to be by her side when she sees Jesus.  Please pray with me too.  We would really appreciate it.

Be a blessing.

989.  the washing machine doing my work for me in the background
990.  that my momma made it
991.  phone calls with friends

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