Friday, February 1, 2013

Open for business...occasionally

Happy February 1st friends!!  Can you even believe that?  I thought taking a breather from my shop in January would feel really long.  I would get soooo much accomplished, but it didn't really pan out that way:/ 

I did organize my studio...that was MAJOR!! And I did a few things I've wanted to get done, but beginning that new thing didn't happen yet.  But it will, and it will because I'm doing something drastic. Well not drastic, but different.  I've decided to make my Etsy shop occasional

That means...

I will only be accepting orders and have my shop in view from the 1st through the 15th of the month.  I hope this isn't too hard for you to remember, or that it will discourage you from ordering, but I just need to continue to set aside time to pursue this thing;) 

With that being said I'm OPEN FOR BUSINESS today!!!  I've found some reliable new suppliers, (so no more hiccups!!) and I'm ready to create something special just for you. 

As an "open for business" gift I'm offering a 15% discount this month.  Maybe a cuff with your word for the year...or a Valentine's day gift to yourself or a loved one:)  Just enter occasional15 in the coupon code.

Be a blessing.
975.  flipflops in January
976.  supplies that came in
977.  letters in the mail that make my heart sing
978.  possibilities
979.  carving time to begin
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