Monday, December 17, 2012

You never let go...

My day was spent in the basement again painting the final wall...the really cool wall I can't wait to show you;)  Oh what a sweet reward to get that gigantic project done.  While I was painting I listened to praise music the whole time (David Crowder Band) and mulled over memories.  Amazing what buried things surface while mindlessly painting. 


I've been really heavy hearted ever since the shootings and it reminded me of a time when I was a teenager.  There was a BoyzIIMen concert in a town near ours.  A group of teenagers were going to it that night, and as they were walking to the Stadium they had to cross a railroad track, and one of the girls tried to beat a train and was killed instantly. 

For some reason that news hit me in the chest like a bullet.  I lived and relived that scene over and over again like I was there.  I was one of her friends watching in slow motion. I was the engineer frantically trying to stop the train.  I was her mom answering that horrible phone call.  I was one of the concert goers hearing about it at the show.  It wouldn't leave me.  I wore that grief like a heavy garment over my shoulders for days...weeks. 

I remember talking to my mom about it and she said that we are all given different gifts...and one of my gifts must be to intercede.  That conversation never left me.  It comes back to me at times like this when I can't shake my grief.  When the burden won't lift and it stays on my heart...I know I must intercede.  We are all called to pray as Christians, but if your burden for those in Connecticut won't leave...maybe you have that gifting too.  Maybe your job is to continue to intercede for those left behind and for others to draw near. 

Last week has really made me draw close.  My mind is on Him all the time.  My skin prickles with His presence so near.  My heart is full and overflowing for the lost to be found and for every.single.person to know Him.  Maybe it's had that affect on others too, and God is going to move in a big way.  I don't know, but I do feel I'm called to pray I will.

I played this song about ten times in a row today.  So glad He never lets go...

Be a blessing.

918.  a painted basement
919.  His presence felt strong
920.  music that makes me worship
921.  the luxury of climbing into HIS lap and laying it down
922.  that God is working
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