Friday, December 21, 2012

Trader Joe's give-away!

Picmonkey posterize effect...the back of our Christmas card
Good Morning peeps!  We're getting ready to take off for Illinois and I thought I'd leave you with a fun little giveaway. 


The inspiration just came to me. I love Trader Joe's...maybe you do too.  So I went and gathered up some of my favorite things and put a little something something together for one of you:)

BTW see that coconut oil up there??  I am officially addicted.  I've been using it on my face at night to remove my makeup.  It works amazing and smells SO good.  The smell motivates me to wash my face!!  Just this morning I mixed it in my coffee instead of creamer.  You can use it as a moisturizer, deep hair conditioner, lip balm, mixed with chia seeds for an energizer...the list is a mile long for uses.  I'll include a list in the goody bag.  It really is a cool thing. 

Oh and the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and roasted plantain chips are my kryptonite.  I only buy them on special occasions because they seem to disappear the second they enter the house.  The cookie butter I've never tried, but I've heard it's the bomb, so I threw a jar in there and then there's the new jute Trader Joe's bag.  It's just the cutest thing...I had to give-away one of those too. 

To enter just leave me a comment telling me your favorite beauty tip/product.  I'm always up for trying something new:)

 {our Christmas card 2012}

I'll announce the winner when I get home.  I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas. 
Love you girls!!!

**If you want follow along with us on Instagram...farmgirlpaints:)  See you soon.

Be a blessing.

923.  Trader Joe's;)
924.  the smell of coconut
925.  my little chick's school party
926.  rag roller curls for my baby...she said "momma do you ever feel so pretty you get nervous?" right before she bounced onto the bus!  sweetest words ever!!!
927.  basement projects coming together
928.  time with my family
929.  happy mail that came from a sweet friend at just the right time...
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