Saturday, December 15, 2012

present day

I'm sitting in my office.  It's starting to turn dark outside.  The house is quiet.  My honey is at the gym, and the girls are outside playing.  Today we celebrated our little Christmas.  We had to.  Next weekend we will make the long drive back home to Illinois.  And even though we can't wait to squeeze the neck of family and friends I think this may be the last year we leave home for the Holidays.  I just miss home.  I want to be in my Virginia home!  It's where I want our Christmas memories to be.
It's been a stressful week.  In so many ways I wish I could go back and have a redo.  Do you do that?  Wish you could rewind and do it differently??  I've officially closed my Etsy shop...until February.  It was with a huge sigh of relief that today the vacation mode was finally turned on.  I had no idea how busy it would keep me this year.  Such a financial blessing...thank you!!!  But also a very unexpected stressor.  Part of the stress revolved around my supplies not coming in and orders piling up.  NIGHTMARE!  Oh the joys of figuring out kinks.  Anyway next year I will hire helpers.  Next year I will close December 1st, so I can do everything else.  Next year...  It's so easy to look back and see how you'd do things after the fact.  Anyhow next year I will be more prepared...and have a different supplier:) 

But today was Christmas and we have a fun little tradition where we wake up and in our jammies go out for donuts. 

Then we come home and sing Happy Birthday to JESUS!  It's all sorts of good.  We get centered on Him and then completely pig out. 

Afterwards we open gifts.  The girls always make us some sort of card and give us something they either made, bought at school or found in nature.

Little Chick's gift:)

Big Chick's gift:)

It was so much fun watching them get spoiled this morning.  I know it's not about the gifts.  It's not about stuff...but it really did make me light up like a Christmas tree watching them love what we bought them.  And you know the best part...they kept saying thank you...over and over again.  They were blessed...but we were blessed even more by their grateful hearts.  The hugs alone were worth it!

I was painting the basement yesterday when Honey called and told me about the school shootings.  It did what I'm sure it did to most of completely made me sick.  I was on my face sobbing for those families.  On my face pleading with God to cover them with His peace and comfort.  It is so beyond anything I can imagine.  I felt panicky I wanted to go to our schools RIGHT THEN and bring my babies home and keep them there safe forever!!
What made it even worse was finding out one of my Instagram friend's kids went to THAT school!  She was able to get her kids home safely, but they lost loved ones.  Out of all the schools in the country I actually knew someone whose kids were in THAT school!  It's just too close.  It's too much!  I could hardly sleep last night without being consumed with complete and utter despair for those families. 
I know we are living in the end times and this world is fallen...the only thing that gives me peace is knowing there is a PLAN.  Knowing HE is in control.  The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy, but our LORD will conquer all!!!  Let's remember to keep close to Him.  Let's remember that this life truly is fleeting, but eternity is forever.  There will come a day when every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that HE IS LORD.  I'm praying that as Christmas draws near...people will draw near to Him.  We desperately need our Savior...the one who was sent as a baby that day so long ago.  The one who took my sins and yours, and yes even that troubled sick man...He took them all. Thank you God for sending us your Son!! 
**My friend's name is Laura...Instagram name...Punkalotta.  Her blog is here.  I'm sure she'd love to hear how you are praying for her family and community.
Be a blessing.
911.  my family safe at home with me
912.  that my friend's family was spared
913.  for the blessing of Christmas gifts
914.  chocolate cake donuts
915.  a spa certificate that i desperately need to use...thanks babe;)
916.  for my savior that was sent to save this fallen world
917. for peace that passes all understanding
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