Sunday, December 30, 2012


Whenever I get back from a trip I usually wake up the next morning and impulsively decide to quit everything.  The piles of laundry...smelly fridge...dusty surfaces and overwhelming stuff everywhere feeling about does me in.  That's where I'm at today, but yet here I am sitting at my computer editing pictures...sorting through memories.  Capturing and documenting my life.  It's what I do.  It's weird.  As much as I want to walk away sometimes and not have more to do... I just can't. 
Traveling home was exhausting.  It always is, especially at this time of year with everything else.  But in the end I'm always glad we took the time and made the effort.  Being with my people at the holidays is important to me.  We all lead such different scattered lives.  My brothers are a bit like strangers.  I hate to say that, but it's true.  The age difference doesn't help and living so far away has made it hard. 

I can't help but think about the future.  I think about when our folks are gone and wonder how often we'll come back.  I know this bubble...this time right now is precious.  I want to freeze it.  I love the ages of our girls, my parents...honey and I.  It scares me to think of how all that will change. 

We've moved away.  We've set up shop in a state far away, so I think about things.  I'm praying that friends will morph into family.  That church will become our second home.  That our girls will stay close and we'll have that unit...that core.  I know none of that is for certain...and so I have to just close my eyes and whisper a little prayer and trust that God will take care of the details.  See...going home makes me sappy. 

This week we revisited the past a bit.  We drove the girls by our old apartments and the church we got married in.  That house in the middle is a blog post on it's own.  May have one brewing.  We zoomed all over my traffic jams.  No hustle and bustle.  That's one of my favorite things of all. No traffic, and all the ties I have with every area of town.  Good times...sweet sweet memories.  

And can I add that I had a list of goodies I was looking for and literally every single one of them miraculously ended up in my car...and for practically nothing.  It was an antique shopping high!!!  Yep God was smiling on me:) So I guess if He cares about those little things (and I really believe he does) on my want list...maybe just maybe He's got the big things like the future and our family situation covered.  I'm thinking I need to stop thinking;)

OH AND THE WINNER of the Trader Joe's give-away is: 
Michele at Hello Lovely Inc.!! 
Congrats girlie. 
Thanks everyone for your awesome beauty tips. 
Can't wait to try some of them:)

Be a blessing.

930. my bed
931.  my shower
932.  my sweet birds...who missed me 
933.  Virginia sunshine that greeted me this morning
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