Monday, December 10, 2012

my holiday house and the BIGGEST discount ever!

Good morning friends.  I thought I'd show you a few pics of our house this season.  It's not overboard.  We don't even have a big tree up.  Weird I know, but it's alright.  The outside won't be decked out or anything either because we are heading home for Christmas and it just felt like too much work. 

This is the front entry.  I like color so it's in bright fun cheery tones.  Bright blues...lots of RED!

My favorite little rusted out toy truck.  One of my treasures that I collected at the Whatever Craft Weekend.  It was $10!!  Score:)  I just happened to have a whole collection of vintage brush trees that I got antiquing the year before.  Perfect spot for them.  It's probably my favorite wintry thing I have out:)

This is the scene of our Christmas card picture this year.  I promise to show it to you.  Just haven't had a chance to mail them out yet.  I want there to be some sort of element of surprise;)  See that awesome quilt?  It's also from Kansas...$30.  I've got BIG plans for that sweet piece.  Just waiting for time to get it done. 

I made that O Holy Night banner from some burlap and chalkboard cloth.  I just clipped it to the string we had up there and voila...instant Christmas banner.  O Holy Night is my all-time favorite Christmas song.  It seriously makes me take a huge inhale...that part...FALL ON YOUR KNEES...O HEAR THE ANGELS VOICES!  Chills...tears...every.single.time.  As a matter of fact I have goosebumps just typing those words!!! 

That little tree in the corner is our Jesse Tree. We put up an ornament every night that ties in with the Bible. There is a little devotional that goes along with it. It's an awesome Christmas tradition that we just started LAST year! Better late than never;)


Baby Jesus!  My girls used to play with these little figurines all the time when they were little.  Several have been glued and put back together.  I miss those days.

 Sweet little Christmas banner from Target.

The star was from IKEA!  Oh how I fell in love with this giant star when I saw Meg's craft house.  I knew I had to find one.  Meg said they have smaller ones at Michael's too.  Ya might want to run to Michael's this afternoon to grab some.  They put off the prettiest glow!

So there you have the pretty part of my house...

You all said you want to see how the basement is coming along.  Let me tell ya...white is not fun to paint.  It wasn't hard or anything, it just wasn't satisfying.  And since I've never been an "enjoy the journey girl" I pretty much hated painting down there.  Hopefully when it's all done it will be worth it.  I've got a lot more to do.  Pictures will definitely come.  I've got to be patient too;)


I've been feeling so overwhelmingly blessed lately.  You have been keeping me busy...really really busy, and because of you I've been able to contribute to our family budget.  That's such an amazing blessing.  It's been a long time in the making.  Starting a business and actually seeing a profit takes awhile, but you've made it possible:)  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, and for all your sweet emails and posts on Instagram.  I appreciate you SO MUCH! 
Anyway my shop is closing this Sat. the 15th and staying closed until February so I can start working on some other things that God has put on my heart.  I'm offering one last coupon's the biggest one ever!!!!  Enter reader25 to get 25% off your order.  That's major people!!!  Take advantage.  Love you...friends:)

Be a blessing.


907.  my big chick got to try out for the Sound of Music (her favorite musical).  she didn't make it, but we were reminded that regardless of big disappointments God has a plan.  there is always a reason a door is closed.  finding comfort in knowing we prayed for His will to be done.
908.  a phone call with my mom always makes things better
909.  peanut butter mm's
910.  friends who sit with you while you paint

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