Tuesday, November 20, 2012

sweet spot


Every October a shift occurs.  My store starts getting really busy.  Which I'm grateful for, BUT I start wigging out and go into hyperactive overdrive.  Every spare minute is spent pounding a hammer and filling orders.  Usually travel is thrown into the mix, and for some that busyness would make them feel alive...make them thrive. 

For me it makes my shoulders rise to my ears.  My head buzzes all day long.  I feel like I can't take a deep breath.  I have to-do lists replaying in my mind like an old record skipping over and over and over again.  But this is life and every year it repeats.  Every year the stress cycle continues.

As I think about my favorite holiday approaching I want more than anything to truly get it.  To truly embrace what I've been given.  These people in my life are huge, amazing gifts.  I want to see my children...not look through them.  I want to listen when they speak to me.  I want to hear what lies beneath their words.

I want to appreciate the details, and that only happens when you are fully engaged...truly paying attention.

These girls are watching me.  They want to be just like me.  It's a big responsibility to be a role model.  What am I modeling??
My Thanksgiving wish is to find the balance between the chores of this world that have to be done, and the things of this life that must be appreciated.  Oh the constant strive for that sweet spot
***Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday.  We are heading to Asheville for a very special Thanksgiving with dear friends.  Follow along with me on Instagram...farmgirlpaints.

Be a blessing.

884.  sweet friends within driving distance
885.  nature walk with my chicks
886.  fall in all it's glory
887.  nudges that remind me to pay attention
888.  everything...thankful for every.little.thing!
889.  YOU!

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