Monday, October 19, 2009

Brave Girl Camp

This post is really hard to write. How do you put into words a life changing, out of this world experience?? It's hard to even know where to start. I think I will begin with my new friends.

Jeanne, Lissa and me

While preparing for camp Melody and Kathy sent us questionnaires, so we could kind of be familiar with each other when we got there. One of the questions was "what are you most nervous about?" I put that I was most nervous about meeting my blogging friends. I hoped they would be what I thought they were in my mind. I'd never met any of my blogging buddies in person and I was a little scared to be honest. It was like a giant first date. Little did I know I had nothing to be worried about. God was giving me some new special people in my life:)

Lissa is full of life, very passionate about everything she holds dear, and deep in her faith. She's such a strong, brave person and I admire her so much. There is something in me that just wants to put her in my pocket and protect her. She's also an amazing talent. Supposedly she never crafts, but honestly her collage stuff was inspiring. It looked like it came out of a magazine!

Miss Jeanne is just the coolest person. She's the popular funny girl in school that you want to sit next to at lunch. She makes everything hysterical. She's incredibly talented and confident and oh I could go on and on. I just loved her. I felt so blessed to be with them...laughing, crying, learning about each other. I can honestly say they are my real life friends now. I feel so blessed!

I guess I knew Brave Girl Camp was going to be pretty special when we stopped at the base of the road that led to the cabin and Melody had us toss bird seed to the ground and leave all of our worries behind. She said we were to let go of our bills, every day details, worries about our families and all that would entangle our minds for the next 3 days. It worked too. I didn't worry about anything for the rest of the week!

This is the cabin we stayed in. It was set in the most beautiful spot. All around us were mountains and the clouds just hovered low. It was breathtaking.

When we walked in we were surrounded with the smell of home cooked food (the best ever), and personal touches that made us feel overwhelmingly loved. They had our pictures spread all throughout the cabin. Isn't that just the best idea? Nothing makes you more at home than seeing your children's faces or your little Fergie staring up at you. It was wonderful.

Everything had our name on it. They personalized our work aprons and water glasses and lavished us with supply kits. They thought through every little detail to make us feel special. They memorized our profiles and thought of us as they sewed and labored and prepared. When we got there they all greeted us and gave us hugs. I'm telling you it was a love fest!! And I have to think really hard to a remember a time where I felt more at home and honored. It was magical!

Here is one of the tables they set for dinner. They all worked really hard to prepare the most amazing meals. The food was not just good, it was mmmmm good. There was not one thing that wasn't amazing. I completely threw my "no sugar" rule out the window and decided to completely indulge and I'm glad I did. How often do you get a once in a lifetime thing like this??

is where the magic happened...our art tent. It may be ugly on the outside, but what lies beneath was pure delight. Check this out...

painstakingly decorated an old ugly tent for us!! It was just beautiful to walk in to that dreamy world. What would come next would be days of soul searching, creating, exploring and ultimately rediscovering who we were and what we wanted out of life. Can't wait to share the rest... stay tuned:)

Have a blessed day.

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