Sunday, October 28, 2012

the perfect storm

I'm sitting in my office...the twinkly lights are soft and mellow circling the ceiling.  I keep glancing out the window to check on the wind conditions.  We are in wait mode.  "The perfect storm" is en route.  And even though it's not going to hit us directly there is a bit of fear that settles in. 

This hurricane stuff is still new to us.  Growing up in the Midwest we'd watch the news.  We'd see those poor weathermen all decked out in their rain gear getting beat to death by the wind and waves, and we'd kind of laugh to ourselves...thinking what an idiot;)  Boy do they make it dramatic for people!  But this time the hype seems a little more scary than normal.  They keep calling it this hybrid storm.  Something they've never seen before and I can't help but feel nervous. 

I think fear stems from the unknown of course.

Fear ultimately comes from feeling out of control. You can be chugging along and then bam! There it is...the perfect storm. It's ready to swoop in on you without much warning and turn your life, your comforts upside down. It's incredibly inconvenient. It makes you irritable and stressed. It wreaks havoc on your diet;) The conditions were all right for it. You were in it's path.

And then there's the not being ready that really strikes it in a person. This time, with this hurricane, we are as ready as we can be. We bought a generator after the last storm. We have batteries, food and water. Everything is put away and secured. We have a plan.

The fact is we are all going to have a perfect "storm" at some point in our lives.  It's inevitable.  We will have to deal with the ugliness, the pain, the pressure that surrounds it.  Will we be prepared?  Will we curl up in a ball and call it quits, or will we turn to Him and trust that He'll take care of us?

Wish I could say I've been relaxed and worry free about this storm coming.  Wish I could say I just gave it all over and trusted him from the beginning.  Not so much.  I'm a worrier sometimes.

I guess a storm gives me a lot of time to practice trusting.  It definitely makes me draw closer.  It makes me realize how small I am and how incredibly almighty HE is!  That's a good thing.  A very good thing.  Oh and so is getting in my Little Chick's birthday party before it hit.  Thank you Jesus:)

**Praying for all of you who are getting ready to deal with this perfect storm thing.  This inconvenient, scary hiccup in life.  Praying safety over your homes and families, and peace to cover you from head to toe.

Be a blessing.

833.  a home to hunker into
834.  candles
835.  a generator!
836.  knitting, good books and board games to occupy our time
837.  that we can join together through this or any storm 
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