Friday, October 26, 2012

the beautiful blur

Okay friends this is the last of PNW pics.  I hate to even say that.  I've so enjoyed going through all my memories, because to be honest while I'm there it's a complete blur.  From the minute I step off the plane my friends scoop me up and take me from one beautiful fun adventure to the next. 

I saved this one for last because it was kind of the perfect Lissa day.  Knowing my friend she had thought about this day for months...wanting the weather to be perfect...for the market to be open.  I'm sure she planned out the ideal lunch spot and the exact course of our walk.  She knew just what to make me for dinner to make my eyes roll to the back of my head.  I know she did...cause I know her.  And that's what friends do.  They want to make life special.  My girls did not fail me.  They blessed me to my toes, and this trip is one I will never forget.

We hit the farmer's market.  Which I might add is just a short little walk from Lissa's house...can you say spoiled rotten??  Oh and while we were there we just happened to run into her entire family and most of her church congregation!! I have to say that made me really happy for her.  What a luxury of having her people close by...of running into those who know your name...know your story....who love you.  I miss that.

I got the most fragrant melon you have ever ever smelled!  I picked it up to kind of mock Lissa and I was like OH MY WORD... I must have this melon.  It was hilarious.  Needless to say this sweet little melon found it's entire being in my belly later in the day;)

After the market we walked to lunch and then down to the beach.  She lives right on Puget Sound.  She has a beach she can walk to!!   Can you imagine??  We did nothing but act like dorks and took a million pics of each other on the gorgeous driftwood.  It was really fun...and laid back.  As a matter of fact peace is the word I would use to describe the day...FULL OF PEACE.

Then we came home and I sat in her kitchen...I kid you not...for 6 hours.  Sounds dreadful right??  To sit in one space for 6 hours...NOT dreadful in the least.  I was mesmerized while she cooked for me.  I love to watch people cook.  LOVE it!  It's weird because I don't like to cook at all.  Not even a little bit.  Strange. 
 (this is the recipe she made me...SO SO GOOD!)
Lissa however loves to cook.  It's how she blesses and loves on her people.  I was more than happy to oblige this deep seated desire in her;)  I was happy to let her fuss over me, and to make a meal that seriously did make me moan just a little. 

I had good company.  I had magical light.  I had Oscar;)  What more could I need??

The day...the entire truly was a beautiful blur:)
Be a blessing.

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