Monday, October 15, 2012


I was up with the sun this morning.  My mom and dad pulled out before the sun even came up.  As I sat in my quiet thinking space preparing for the day the walls started turning pink...everything aglow.  Is there anything better than a glorious sunrise or sunset?? I don't think so.

I've had a lot of thoughts rumbling around in my mind this week.  There have been some changes in our house.  Good changes, but changes nonetheless and it's a constant reminder to me that we are part of a plan.  A bigger plan than we see...there are pieces being moved behind the scenes.  We have to just go with it...trusting that He knows the end result.  He knows right where the puzzle pieces fit in perfectly;)

Okay so my time with my parents was precious as always.  When they come everything slows.  My normal stops.  I sit and drink coffee at the kitchen table until 10.  I don't go to the gym.  I stay downstairs and watch tv with them until late.  We sit in soccer chairs in the driveway and "visit".   I have thoughts of recording my dad praying over dinner...but always too late.  Next time I won't forget. **BTW my dad is doing great.  He paces himself.  I'm praying that his heart will steady and he'll keep on keeping on!! Thank you so much for lifting him up.  I appreciate it so much.

The forced slowdown is good for me.  I have a tendency to over extend.  Unfortunately, I was hormonal this visit.  PMS and being overly busy had taken it's toll and I found myself edgy and irritable some days.  I didn't feel as engaged and alert.  I wasn't on.  If I could have just slept all day I would have.  I'm sure they noticed.  Kind of hard to miss the yawns, snippy responses and quiet mood I was in.  Oh I hate that.  Wish I could rewind and be a bit more like myself.  So thankful they love me unconditionally.


My momma had a lot on her mind this week as well.  HER mom is a month from turning 100.  They're planning a visit out to Arizona to see her for her birthday.  Unfortunately over the past few months my Grandma has been declining and almost overnight has developed pretty severe dementia.  Last night my Aunt called and Grandma was in the ER with trouble breathing etc...  They were running tests. 

It's hard to believe that the day is finally here where Grandma won't be with us much longer.  I'm in awe at how God has prepared my mom for this day.  I can see His grace covering her peace and I know her heart is prepared for when she goes home to be with Him. 

Instagram this week...farmgirlpaints

Several years ago my mom would talk about Grandma passing and break down and cry.  Her heart just wasn't ready.  The grace for that moment wasn't there.  And I know no matter what age they are it's never easy to let our loved ones go...BUT God readies us.  His grace is sufficient. 

I'd love it if you could lift my family up.  My mom wants more than anything to be there when Grandma passes.  I pray that the timing all falls into place.  I pray that her "time" will be peaceful and quick.  I pray for my family out there who is caring for her that mercy and strength will fall on them.  I pray for those pearly gates to be lined with all the ones she's been waiting to see.  I pray for an awesome homecoming!

Have a blessed day.

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