Friday, October 12, 2012

had to have it!

Good morning friends.  My mom and dad are still here.  We've been running all over the place eating...antiquing...having fun.  My dad's got some Elvis gospel playing on my stereo as we drive around.  It's forever engraving those silky smooth songs in my mind for future memories:)  Hope you've been having a great week as well.

I wanted to take a minute and tell you about a shop that you might not know about.  My friend Tiffini started making signs awhile back and when I saw this new one she made...with MY name on it;)  I just had to have one!  FARMGIRL!  YES!!!  It looks perfect over my office/studio door. 

Love this one.


And this one just makes my heart SING!!!  You know it does!  She is so SO talented...

Tiffini is a soldier.  A warrior woman!  I love this girl so much.  I've watched her journey.  Her struggles with her health...her marriage, and she always takes those trials and runs straight into His arms. She blesses me with her timely posts that speak right to my heart, and her "never give up" attitude is beyond inspirational to witness. I've seen her start a business out of necessity and God has blessed it and provided for her sweet family.  Anyway I hope you bop over to her corner and take a peek around.  She's offering a 15% discount to her shop.  Just use Farmgirl in the coupon section.  **She is doing a feature on my shop today too.  Check it out for a discount;)

Have a blessed day.

801.  my big brother Jim who turned 50 this week!
802.  time with my folks
803.  a good start to a new beginning for my honey
804.  His hand that i know keeps me safe and directs my steps
805.  friends in blog/IGland that reach out to me and make me feel so loved!!! 
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