Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a truly special spot

When I was in the PNW Lissa would ask me what's your favorite thing we've done so far.  And I would get quiet and rack my brain trying to think...cause trust me we did so many amazing things it took some thought.  But as I went back through my pics I have to say this place is special to me.

And this girl is precious to me.  I met her through blogging many years ago and she was a completely different person.  I've watched her heal.  I've watched her "morph" into such an amazingly talented person.  She's found her passions.  She's using her gifts and she literally shines.  She loves Jesus with every ounce of her being...that's what I love about her most.  HE makes her shine;) 

We went to this place the last time I was there for a visit. It's a beautiful rural nursery (Christianson's) that oozes charm...every turn is a photograph. I love the light. I love the life growing there. I love that we can casually walk around and it's peaceful and serene.

I love that every step is a crunch of gravel under our feet.  It smells of dirt and sun mingled.  The air feels damp on my skin.  It's lovely.

Then we found an old rusty truck out back and it took on a whole new level of special!  The first one of me is trying to get brave...there was a big spider.  THERE IS ALWAYS A BIG SPIDER!  What's the deal with that??  We took a ton of pics here.  I won't show them all.  That would be indulgent...but at least now you know where I was for my new profile pic;)

They have a beautiful empty gift shop.  It's like a quaint french boutique...kind of old and rusty...but overflowing with pretties everywhere you look.  Have to admit I love that every time I've been there no one was in the store.  We could go in and try on silly hats.  We could touch things and take pictures and not feel guilty.  Heavenly:)   It was like a giant play store.

So this is one of my favorite places in all the world...thanks for letting me share.  I have more...lots more to show you.  Do you have a special spot that speaks to you??

 **Oh and thank you for all the prayers and letters concerning my Grandma.  We've all been there.  We all know.  I drink in your comments and feel your love.  I do:)

Have a blessed day.
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815.  moss
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