Friday, October 19, 2012

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I grew up in a really old farmhouse.  We didn't have heat upstairs and in the winter some mornings snow would even line my windowsills.  Sounds crazy right??  Kinda like camping, but not!  Because of the cold our pipes froze to the upstairs bathroom when I was little.  Like maybe three or four years old little.  So for all those years we only had one bathroom...downstairs.  No biggie except that the doors creaked, the stairs creaked and there was NO HEAT!  Oh and never mind that when there's no bathroom you have to get up at least 10 times a night right;)??   

Anyhoo this summer when I went home I finally got to see the bathroom restored.   It was bliss let me tell you.  BLISS:))  I spent as much time in that room as I could.  The window was cracked open to the countryside...a cool breeze coming in.  I'd soak in the tub and reminisce.

I thought about when I was a little girl and took baths up there.  I thought about the chigger bites on my legs my momma put cream on.  And that was about it.  I can't remember anymore because it's been SO long that bathroom hasn't worked!!  I do however remember my mom and dad talking about getting it fixed FOREVER. 

My dad...God bless his probably the biggest procrastinator there is.  He's slow.  He's deliberate.  He really doesn't know what to do to fix something, so he puts it off...and off and off.  And for as long as I can remember my mom has nagged him about something needing done.  I grew up hearing that banter.  I grew up seeing my dad rarely finish a project, and something resolute set in me.  I knew I didn't want to be that way.  I wanted to finish what I started.  I didn't want to put things off.  I wanted to be a completer!

Well here I am all these years later.  And I can say that up until recently I've been that way.  I've never been one to procrastinate.  If there was something to be done I didn't dilly dally.  BUT I've seen a shift in me, and I don't like it.  Laundry can sit in baskets folded for a week.  Just because I don't like putting it away.  My bathroom can be disgusting.  And what would take 2 or 3 minutes to remedy can annoy me for days.

It's seeped into my work as well.  I've gotten to the point that I put off custom painting because it's not what I want to do.  The desire to paint something specific...something other than what I want, makes me not want to even begin.  I know there are reasons for the shift.  Have I become lazy?  Am I afraid to start??...wanting it to be perfect.  There is always a reason.  And as for my dad I'm sure it was probably overwhelming because he didn't know exactly what to he did nothing.

I'm thinking that for me it's more than just laziness and the strive for perfection.  I've had a project on my heart forever, and I haven't really known where to begin.  Then other things keep me distracted and busy and, and, and...I just never begin

So I'm carving out time.  I've felt led to close my shop down December 15th and I'm leaving it closed until Feb.  I'm hoping this little break will allow me to focus.  Oh and I'm no longer doing custom house paintings...eeek!!  It's time to move on.  All that to say...if ya want something...a cuff, necklace...something made just for you.  Let me know now:) 

I've got a few coupons out there.  My friends Tiffini and Carissa have one going and there will be a couple more.  Thank you so much for supporting me.  I promise I'll reopen.  And hopefully I'll have some exciting new things in the works:)

Have a blessed weekend.


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822.  mom and dad going to AZ today...praying they get their final goodbyes in

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