Thursday, September 6, 2012

Currituck lighthouse

Hello my sweet friends.  It's been a WEEK.  We've had the excitement of school starting up again and all that that entails...massive amounts of forms and crap information to fill out.  Then we had big time nerves...not them, ME!  What is it about a new school year that makes me feel the need to revamp my entire life?  Seriously I was such a mess on Tuesday I practically needed to drug myself.  Barely slept the night before, then took a bath and mid-afternoon nap comfort myself.  It's like an identity crisis on speed.  GOD HELP ME! 

Not only do we have school excitement stirring.  There are some other change type stuff.  Things that are not really mine to talk about.  Nerves.  Maybe later...

So when I think back to last week and this gorgeous lighthouse we walked through it seems light YEARS away.  It was hot and muggy that day.  Honey wasn't feeling good.  He suffers from vertigo occasionally when he's stressed and it just came out of nowhere.  He's also terrified of heights...climbing a lighthouse wasn't going to happen.  Can you even imagine?? 

We'd been to the beach the day before.  My sweet girl got pretty scorched.  I felt so bad for her.  We slathered her in aloe and put sleeves on her sticky body and off we went to explore in the damp humid air.

Have you ever toured a lighthouse??  We stayed in Corolla and the one closest to us was Currituck.  I did a little research.  There are 214 steps to the top.  It's made out of a million bricks and two families lived on the isolated property to fuel the lamp, trim the wick and do what was necessary to aid navigation.  Can you imagine that job??  That poor soul carrying oil up all those stairs...oh my!  Talk about worst job ever!  The thing that made it scary was that you could see through the stairs...down, down, down to the bottom.  EEEK!  It completely messed with your equilibrium.

Beautiful though.  I loved all the old brick and warbled glass. 

I'm so glad I'm not really scared of heights.  I have plenty of other fears, so it's only fair that I should have a few things that don't terrify me.  Speaking of fears you know I don't like spiders right?  Well let's just say they have a slight spider problem in the OBX.  Geesh you couldn't go anywhere...including our car without seeing one.  It was horrendous! 
Check out Big Chick's crazy outfit.  Poor sunburned thing.  It's all we could come up with.  Did you notice that she's almost as tall as me?  Uh she can just knock that off!  My baby can't be taller than me!!

The views were gorgeous!  It was a sight to behold.

Our sweet vacay friends.  Not quite sure why Sophia is looking at me like that;)

Oh and there he is.  HELLO HONEY!!!!!  You feelin' alright?  Is it as hot down there as it is UP here??

Whew we made it.  We were a hot mess, but we lived to tell about it.

Then we ditched honey and went for ice cream.  Well that's not exactly how it went down, but let's just say he didn't join us:( 

LOVE this pic of Alicia.  Lil' stinker.  She totally photo bombed me.  Then she watched my expression and burst out laughing at me when I reviewed the pic. 

Had to hit up a cute book store.  Love those schoolhouse lights btw.  I could have spent all day in there, but we had more places to explore. 

And beachy grandma hats to try on;)

Thanks for curling up on my "couch" and going through my vacay pics.  What good friends you are;)  I've still got more.

Have a blessed day.

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