Monday, September 3, 2012

Jockey's Ridge

I'm sitting in my dark studio, twinkly lights and candles lit.  It's pouring outside.  I'm a little overwhelmed trying to sift through some 600 pictures...searching out the highlights...attempting to focus and share what was special about this week.  There's just so much.  It may take me weeks to sort it all out.  Hope you don't mind;)

We got back on Saturday, completely tired to the core.  Vacation is usually relaxing and lazy.  Ours had little tiny snippets of that, but for the most part we were on the go.  We squeezed in every last drop of Summer that we could and I can honestly say there really isn't anything left that I want to do.  I'm ready to move into the chilly.  I'm ready to cozy up next to the fireplace and sniff in Fall.  I'm officially beached out.  And that's not because it wasn't wonderful...I'm just full.  It's like an enormous turkey dinner that makes you feel like you could never eat again.  That's where I'm at.  Bring on the next season.

Since there's so much to sift through I went directly to dessert.  My very favorite part of the week was Jockey's Ridge.  They are enormous Egypt like sand dunes...that we hit right at sunset.

I've been to sand dunes before, but not at sunset and not with my peeps.  It was magical.  They stretched out for what seemed like miles.  We ate a big meal right before and then with heavy legs trudged up one giant steep sandy mountain after the next.  The sand was so soft and warm.  My legs were burning and my lungs felt like they would bust, but the reward of that scene was worth it.

I wish my pictures showed how glorious it really was.  I was messing with settings.  Trying to figure out what to do in a hurry because the sun was disappearing fast. Grrrrrrr.  Let's just say it was more beautiful than this.  The sun was glowing.  Everyone was a silhouette.  It was pure sand and sky magic:)

Before we left for vacay I picked up a couple of kites.  They were inexpensive and I had my fingers crossed they would do the trick.  At the beginning of the Summer we made a list of fun things to do and flying a kite was on it.  I soooo badly wanted to feel that check mark.

They never really left the ground, but it sure was entertaining to watch the girls try over and over again.  And when Alicia's little girl Sophia took off running with that kite swirling behind her it gave us the best laugh.  So even though technically it didn't happen the check mark is in place;)

Usually on vacay I'm the master planner.  I have an itinerary in place.  I'll research restaurants.  Read reviews.  Plan every second.  It's kind of annoying, but at least we leave knowing we did everything we wanted.  This time I didn't do that.  Because our friends had been here before we just let them show us around.  We gave them the reigns and it was wonderful.

We went to Egypt this week, but just skipped the crazy long plane ride.  We took the girls to the Sahara dessert and the only thing that was missing was the camels, pyramids and turbines.  It was awesome.  Love that we are making memories.  Love that we are filling up those special banks.  This is what I want to pass on to my girls...experiences that they can carry with them forever.

**Loved reading your prayer/wish lists this week. 
I missed you girls!  The winner of the locket is:
I am praying that my daughter finds peace within her circle of friends...some struggles happening and it hurts this Mama's heart. Have an awesome vacation! I am slightly envious. :-)


  Happy Labor day.

742.  magical sand dunes
743.  laundry folded and put away;)
744.  home that smells so good and feels so cozy
745.  time this week with my favorite people
746.  that check mark
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