Friday, August 24, 2012

something to smile about:)

Love this pic of me and my Alicia girl cracking up.  We were literally a hot mess;)  It was only like 150 degrees out.  She had just gotten to my house (after driving 6 hours) with her three kids in tow, and we plopped down on some wicker chairs under my deck, looking out onto my fancy dirt yard while honey finished up what we thought would be an awesome idea...the pool that never happened.  That's a blog post in itself.  Can't remember what was so funny, maybe it's because I had my 50 lens on and our faces are ginormous...who knows.  What I do know is that I'm getting ready to spend a week with this girl and her sweet family.  EEEK!

About a year ago I got a text from her saying "I've got an awesome idea." and from that little seed grew a whole lot of excitement, and then we just plunged in and booked a beach the OUTER BANKS!!!  This was waaaaaay back in January people.  You know, when summer feels a million years away, especially the last week of summer.  All I've got to say is thank God we're still friends...'cause that would be awkward;)  We've never done a family vacation with friends before.  I have a feeling it's going to be an incredible experience.   

Recently a sweet reader offered a $25.00 gift card to her shop for one lucky winner.  Origami Owl sells all sorts of cool personalized lockets and charms.  Did you know I love lockets??!!  The one I picked out is a "wish" locket.  I wrote some of my deepest dreams on a little piece of paper and now I carry it close to my heart.  To win a $25 credit to her shop just leave me a comment about something you are wishing/dreaming/praying for.  I will choose a winner when I get back.  Good luck girlies.

**And if you can't wait to see what we are up to while we're gone check Instagram...farmgirlpaints for me, or bigchick7 for my girlie.  Her pics are better than mine any day of the week!

Have a blessed week.

737.  one last hoorah before summer is officially over
738.  feeling famous for a second when etst mentioned me on IG;)
739.  love packages in the mail
740. oral surgery for my little chick finally over...she's doing great!
741.  freshly painted toes

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