Wednesday, August 22, 2012

spin on

When you decide to get married at 19 all the skeptics warn you that you'll change.  That your marriage probably won't last because the person you marry won't be the same person 10, 15, 20 years later.  And I suppose some of that is true.  I'm definitely not the same person I was at 19.  I don't perm my hair.  I don't eat McDonald's for lunch every day.  My biggest fear in life is not getting a speeding ticket or giving a speech for my college classmates.

My tastes have changed.  My style has changed.  I've matured and grown into a woman/mother who loves to write, take pictures, create art, decorate etc... 

I'm not even sure I knew what self expression was 20 years ago, and yet everyday I long to do just that.  My innerman wants to be known.  I want to share with the world who I am, who God made me to be...and wear it on my sleeve and say I finally figured out what I like and here it is:)  This is me.

The one person who has watched all of this is that same person that I vowed to spend with my life with all those years ago.  He's seen me grow and change and become who I am and the thought of that brings me to tears.  He married a 19 year old girl, and through thick and thin he got this version of me...and decided to stay.

To say that he's good to me is an understatement. Last weekend he whisked me away to a little town close to here and pretty much did whatever I wanted;) He ate a cheeseburger, pizza and a gelato...make that two gelatos...all in the name of fun. Just for me. You have no idea how major that is. My man doesn't eat junk, and I shouldn't either, but you get the point.  Just like I've changed, so has he;)

He's not a fan of antiquing, but he took me shopping all day long.  It was HIS idea!!!  And he didn't pout.  And he didn't follow on my heels and zap my fun.  He looked around and occasionally held my purse;)  And it was awesome!!!! 

As soon as we pulled into this shop I spied something I've been wanting forever.  Do you see it?  It said Hello Becky, I've been waiting for you.  Right here in podunk Ruckersville...out in the elements rusting away...waiting just for you! 

This little windmill practically skip jumped into our car and away we went...treasure hunt over.  It's a perfect reminder to me that "weather" will change us, that winds will blow us...but regardless we're gonna keep spinning:)  Spin on friends...spin on!

Instagram pics...just in case you missed these;)

Have a blessed day.
731.  barn doors
732.  walking hand in hand in the morning light
733.  little chef hats
734.  nothing but time to appreciate each other
735.  treasure hunts
736.  terrycloth robes
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