Monday, August 20, 2012


I've been trying to squeeze in as much as possible lately.  I feel this desperate race of time with school starting back up soon.  There is a bittersweet battle going on inside me.  One half is craving routine and is excited to start my new improved schedule (read this).  The other side of me feels like sobbing on the spot at the idea of being alone again.  My life is a lot different here than it was in MN.  Even though I've made some amazing new friends I don't see them often and school equals solitude.  Which is good and bad.  Grrrrrr.

Anyway the girls and I have been fieldtriping lately and our first stop was to visit daddy for lunch.  My little chick is very sentimental and emotional.  She hugged daddy like she hadn't seen him in a month.  She's pretty good at letting you know exactly how she's feeling.  Love that she wears her heart on her sleeve.

After lunch we dropped into the famous Jefferson Hotel.  I've heard all about this historic landmark since moving here, but this was our first visit.  It definitely was grand and lux and all sorts of extravagant.  I had the wrong lens on my camera to really take in the enormity of this room.  Those stairs were amazing.  Apparently they were the inspiration for Gone with the Wind.  Pretty cool.

We snapped tons of pics and then moved on to another place I've been wanting to visit since moving here...

The Virginia Museum of Fine Art.  I love art museums.  They blow my mind wide open and I really wanted to share that with my girls.  They were just as impressed as I was.

I have to admit that museums and fancy hotels make me feel extremely out of place.  Look at this guy in his uber cool GQ outfit and loafers.  He fit the mold.  He looked cultured...not from behind, but I promise you he looked the artsy type.  He was reading the descriptions and taking it all in like he knew what it was about.

The girls and I were like...ooooh that's weird.


oooooh look at her muscles.

Love this...wish my house paintings looked like that;)

Or my favorite...I could do that!  Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder. 

Art is as individual as the individuals that create it.  I think the thing we took away from our visit was that we all have our own style.  It can be serious or fun.  It can look real or NOT.  The common thread in every piece was that it made us feel something.  It made us stop, look and step in closer.  It evoked some sort of emotional response.

It was a good day.  We drove home completely spent, yet full and overflowing.  I cataloged this day in my mind.  Love it when I can actually feel myself do's like a little memory seal has been placed and I'm making note that this was a day I won't forget.  This is one I'll remember when they are grown.   

The day we tried to be cultured...and ended up just having fun instead;)

Have a blessed day.

725.  crumbling old brick roads
726.  the yellow impatiens that spill over my flower baskets
727.  fancy things that make me grateful to be simple
728.  daughters that love their daddy
729. building up that memory bank 
730.  girls that let me take silly pics without complaining;)

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