Thursday, August 2, 2012

artful blogging and a give-away

Good mornin' friends!  How are you girlies??  Is anyone out there....tap, tap, tap on the microphone;)  Have you guys noticed how quiet it is in blogland lately?  Is everyone just on Instagram or busy running through sprinklers or WHAT!?  Geesh if you can blog regularly during the Summer I think you deserve an Olympic medal...I'm just sayin'!  Okay so I've had a little excitement lately I thought I'd share with ya'll.

A few months ago I got a random email from an editor at Artful Blogging.  They wanted to do a feature...on Farmgirl Paints!!!  EEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!  To say I was excited and surprised was an understatement.  I've always LOVED that magazine...drooled over the beautiful pics and artsy layouts.  I have to admit I kind of daydreamed of seeing my own blog in there, but didn't really think it would ever happen.  I mean I talk about my crap struggles 90% of the time and that culminates in me talking about my faith, and I didn't really think they would go for that...but they DID!  It sort of came at a weird time for me though.  I was taking a blogging break and really at that moment I had major blog burnout.  Funny how things sometimes fall into your lap when you give up caring. 

So with the seed of excitement planted I painstakingly submitted my photos and nervously wrote my article...butterflies in full frenzy, and then waited and waited for what seemed like forever. It finally came out yesterday!  You would think I'd be jumping around totally thrilled...and I am...but I'm also feeling really nervous. For some reaon I feel totally OUT THERE.  I know I write here, but it feels safe and small.  This is in PRINT!  It's in a store!!!  I feel completely spotlighted even though I'm really not.  Am I a nut or what?  Seriously I could not handle being famous;)  It would do me in!  Oh the scrutiny, the attention...the judgement of strangers!! 

Anyway to celebrate I got a few extra copies just for you.  Leave me a comment telling me your favorite part of summer so far, and I'll throw your name in the pot:)

Have a blessed day.

695.  in-laws are coming today
696. which means fruit pizza for dessert tonight
697. and lots of fun fieldtrips
698. and games and more games
699. oh and ARTFUL BLOGGING liked me;)  YAY!!
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