Wednesday, August 8, 2012

all i ever wanted

Today is our anniversary...our 20th to be exact.  For the last few weeks I've been making eyes at my man.  Every time I'd look at him it was like I was really looking at him...remembering...feeling all those days, months and years.  Twenty seems like such a big deal.  I mean 20 years is 20 YEARS!  That's 7,300 days give or take a leap year.  That's major!!!!

I went down into the basement recently to look for our wedding cake topper and became completely overcome with memories.  I stumbled across a memory box and a folder full of old love letters.  I sat there and blubbered like a baby.  How can it be that we are here already?  Wasn't it just yesterday that we were slow dancing in my mom and dad's living room to the blue muted glow of the stereo light.  Just the two of us lost in love.  How can it be that we have a family and a home and live in Virginia??  I mean when did that freaking happen? 

Do you ever just step back and look at your life?  Do you ever just go back down that lane and recall all the teeny tiny moments that got you to where you are?  It's a trip let me tell you.  One that I would gladly take again and again with this man by my side.  He's my best friend, my lover, the one who has my back, our provider, the fixer, the emotional "feeler" that makes me go even deeper if that's possible, he's the rock and spiritual guide of our home, he's daddy and forever my honey. 

He's who I was meant to be with, and I'm forever grateful that all those years ago God gave me a dream and He answered a bunch of silly requests on a piece of notebook paper.  I'm forever grateful that He heard the prayers of a 16 year old girl and gave me the man of my future.  Here's to praying that mercy and grace will rain down on us and we'll get at least 20 more!  BTW the song that's playing was sung at our wedding...All I Ever Wanted.  It's a beautiful love song to Jesus...our first love:)

**I'll announce the give-away winners hopefully on Friday:) 
I've loved hearing from you girls!!

Have a blessed day.

700.  twenty years with my best friend
701.  the answered prayers of a teenage girl
702.  provision when i don't see it

703.  a week of games, fieldtrips and fun with the in-laws
704.  you...for supporting me always! love you girls.
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