Tuesday, March 6, 2012

work harder

We've been itching to go see our friends, the Hutchinson's, in Asheville.  They moved there from South Dakota not long after we moved to Virginia and it just felt like we weren't alone anymore ya know?  We had neighbors.  They were 6 hours away, but close enough to get to.

We've had plans to visit them for awhile, but when they called to cancel because they were moving this weekend we were like HUH?  Let's not let a little thing like moving keep us from having we hopped in the car and headed out for a ROADTRIP! 

With Fergie in tow of course;)

Their kids are precious.  Not often that I feel that way about other people's kids.  My girls just get along with them so well.  One night while we were busy fluffing the nest the kids made dinner for us, and it was SO GOOD!  I need to put my girls to work more often.  They can do it.

This one has my whole heart.  Is she the cutest thing or what?  She was dancing with a store mannequin.  LOVE!

During the day we worked hard getting them moved in, and at night we hit the for the house and eating at fun places.  Had to show off this picture.  Look at my girls hair!  Both of them are kind of a hot mess after a long day, but I DID THAT.  Mulan has officially taught me how to french braid.  If for nothing else that was worth it all;)

Love my Alicia girl!

Saturday we decided to take an unpacking break and went to downtown Asheville.  How sweet are they to entertain us while in the middle of a move?! 

Asheville has a very eclectic, folksy, bohemian, hippie vibe.  It's way too cool for me;)  I saw more dreadlocks and tie dye than I can remember.  The people were artsy fartsy.  I know I'm artsy, but not sure if I'm artsy fartsy...ha!  Okay I'm totally cracking myself up;)

Are they the cutest couple or what?  The Hutchinson's are definitely cool enough to walk the streets in Asheville.

While we were waiting for a table we went on a little shopping excursion.  We didn't actually buy anything, but we had FUN!  Don't ya love our jackets??  Wish they were ours;)  Mine was $214.00.  Wouldn't it be fun to just drop $214.00 on a jacket?  Didn't happen;)

Dressing room snapshots;)

We went to a cool toy store and then a fun General Store.  Love General Stores.  I did get a few things in there.  They had barrels of candy.  BARRELS! 

BTW  doesn't my big chick look BIG?  She was like a little mother hen this weekend.  She was so sweet with Sophia.  I think babysitting may be in her near future.  Eeeek!

We ate at the famous Tupelo Honey cafe.  Have you ever heard of it?  The food was outta this world.  I love me some comfort food and this place delivered.  Maple bacon...oh my:)  Check out their cookbook here.

She had so many amazing vintage things to put up.  Decorating was easy!  Love her style.  The guys were so helpful.  We kind of just pointed and said do this, do that...and they DID!  No grumbling, no complaining.  They were awesome:)  Now the curtains are officially are in place.  My sweet friend and her family have a lovely home.  It was such a blessing to have even a little bitty part in that. 

We love this family. We've kind of adopted them as ours.  They are just like us except waaaay younger;)  God has big things in store for them.  I have no doubt that happiness will reign big for them here in Asheville, or wherever He leads them in the future.  Keeping my fingers crossed it might be a little closer to Richmond.

Have a blessed day.

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