Monday, March 5, 2012

hits the spot

I'm sitting here in my darkened office.  The rain is coming down hard. In the background, in between the showers, I hear tree frogs croaking.  Oh how I love to hear them sing.  Every now and then I crave a dark stormy day.  It quiets my soul..beckons me slow down.  It awakens my senses.


This past week I fought some kind of virus.  My stomach was a mess.  I had absolutely no energy.  When I'm sick I go into stealth mode.  I quiet down.  I walk a little slower.  I avoid talking.  When I lie down it's in the fetal position.  I look for comfort in any shape I can find.  I texted my friends to lift me up in prayer.  That's what friends are for right?  To lift up.

Is there anything more comforting than hot tea?  I'm not sure if it's a southern thing or not, but my girls here are into tea parties.  I feel the need to get up to speed with the tea thing.  I'm more of a coffee girl, but I am finding that tea hits the spot.  It soothes me to my toes. 

I found myself at HomeGoods recently (shocker I know) hunting down the perfect tea kettle.  Somehow microwaving a tea cup didn't seem appropriate for company.  So my first step in the tea thing was to invest in a real live that whistles.  I know.  I feel so fancy now, like I could almost pass for tea person;)  Next is a tea set I guess.  Maybe that should be the thing I hunt for when I go antiquing...gradually build a little mismatched set.  Sounds fun.

Target has these new dishes in their white collection.  Oh how I love to hold my bumpy textured mug and sip on this Aveda tea.  Have you had it?  It's seriously the best tea I've ever tasted.  It has this sweetness that zings ya.  You are not expecting it and then there it is.  No honey or sugar needed.  Perfection.

Speaking of honey did you know that a tsp a day of local honey a day can help seasonal allergies??   A friend of mine who is all into natural remedies told me this lately, and it seems to make sense.  Luckily I have another friend who is a beekeeper.  SCORE!  Is that not the coolest thing ever;)  So I'm pretty sure I'm golden on local honey...yay!  I've never been a big honey fan, but if it can keep the scary Virginia allergies at bay I'm all in.  Apparently I live in a very high allergy state...oh joy.  Dang those trees! 

Another thing that I crave...that soothes me when I'm sick is Cream of Wheat.  My momma used to make this for me growing up.  On my icky days last week I wanted some SO BAD and we were out!  Couldn't wait to get my hands on a box.  I'm curious...what comforts you??

Have a blessed day.

468.  bees that work for me;)
469.  cream of wheat
470.  prayers from loved ones
471.  the soothing sound of tree frogs
472.  the sound of my tea kettle
473.  the soft glow of a lit candle
474.  a weekend with friends

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