Sunday, March 25, 2012

secret garden

Hello my sweet friends.  It seems this last week that every living thing in nature has finally awakened.  The birds are full of song.  The little buds have burst forth on most of the trees, and they are filled with blossoms, and now the leaves are starting to unfurl.  It's breathtaking.  Nature seems to be showing off and I'm it's biggest fan... practically clapping my hands with delight!

I was watching an episode recently of Yard Crashers on HGTV.  Have you seen that show?  Ahmed Hassan...master landscaper person, goes to various home improvement stores and ambushes people.  What I wouldn't give to be in one of those Lowe's or Home Improvement stores when he strolls up with the cameras and crew.  Seriously if you happen to work for the show and know where he'll be next let me know...wink, wink;)  My yard would be perfect for your show.  It would be like hitting the landscape lottery.  If you saw my backyard you would understand my excitement. 

Nice green propane lid.

Oh wait you CAN see my backyard!  Here it is in all it's glory...ha!  One giant mudpit.  We have someday dreams of a patio, curvy edges, firepit...GREEN grass!  It will happen, but for now we are in waiting.  It takes some major moolah and/or know how to pull of a beautiful yard.  Unfortunately we don't have either right now, BUT we can dream and who knows maybe Ahmed could help a girl out;)

Speaking of dreaming.  Remember my sweet new friend Tammy??  THIS is her backyard!  Uh I think if I lived here I'd never go inside.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Her honey is all about gardening.  That's his passion and it showed.

She was so sweet to take me on a little yard tour.  We talked veggies.  We talked herbs.

I took pictures of every little thing.  Cause that's what I do.  The sky was so pretty through the blooms.

They had a sweet little path that led to this...

enchanted area.

They had sweet little flowers here

and there.

Nothing really speaks to me or makes me see God's beauty more than nature.   It's His gift to us.  Too bad the land has to be toiled!  Wouldn't it be great to just walk outside and throw some seeds into the air and magically have yourself a secret garden??  Dang that Adam and Eve!  They really messed it up for the rest of us;)  

Here's to a bright new week ahead.  I'm curious do you have a secret garden??

Have a blessed day.

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