Sunday, March 18, 2012

eye candy with tammy

Hello my friends.  Hope you all had a beautiful weekend.  We wore shorts...IN MARCH!  Can you believe this weather??  I was looking back over some pictures recently and found these tucked in my Photoshop files. 

One of the moms I met at Mulan turned out to be an absolute sweetheart...actually several of them were:)  From the second I met her I instantly loved her spunk.  You know some people just have that spark...that thing that draws you to them.  That was Tammy.  Recently she invited me into her home, and then we spent the day going to all her favorite stores.  What an amazing treat. 

Doesn't she kind of look like Beth Moore??  She's a little spitfire too.  When I told her that she resembled Beth she didn't  know who I was talking about.  I need to introduce them.  Everybody needs to know Beth.  You know we are tight right??...ha! 

I got this picture of her last year at a conference.  I think anyone who sits under her teaching feels a you know her and would love for her to live across the street.  Anyway when I stand next to Tammy I tower her.  Oh how I love to tower;)  I'm only 5'4" so that feeling doesn't happen very often.

Her home was lovely.  It was rich, elegant and eclectic.  She uses lots of greens and oranges in her decor.  Did you know those are my two favorite colors?  I don't use them to decorate with though.  Hmmmm wonder what that means?

She had a wine room in her house!  Uh can you say that with me...she had a wine room IN HER HOUSE!  It was chilled to the perfect temperature and everything.  I've never seen anything like that before.  Of course I don't drink wine, so it was a little lost on me, but I can appreciate that it's a cool thing!


Her daughter Chelsea's room.  I met Chelsea backstage at Mulan...sweet girl.  She's 17.  I can't imagine having my girls be that age.  I know it's coming, but it slightly terrifies me.  Anyway this is a self portrait Chelsea did.  I think she's amazing.  I am really bad at drawing faces, so I can thoroughly appreciate how this girl rocked it!  Love the freckles. 

Okay so after a little coffee break and tour of her home we hit the town.  Wouldn't it freak you out to have me come over?  Me with my big camera in tow.  Snapping pics here and there.  She was such a sweetheart and didn't care at all!  Love that.

We hit some of her favorite shops and can I just say shopping here is the one thing that makes me really miss the Midwest.  It's expensive!  The consignment stores she took me to were more than I would have paid for brand new.  Like WAY more!  I'm pretty thrifty.  If I see a little coffee table I like, if it's coming home with me from a consignment store it better be less than a $100...way less.  I found one I loved for like $450.  WHAT IN THE WORLD?  What is that about?

She introduced me to a very upscale shop called Williams & Sherrill.  Over my budget, but worth the trip.  It was eye candy everywhere you looked.  They specialize in fabrics and wall paper, and the whole front section was home decor.  I bought one little thing.  A heavy metal home and white.  I think it might find its place on our red front door.   

I wanted to take pictures of everything in there, but I was afraid I would get scolded.  I hate getting scolded, so this is all you get.  Sorry.  Thanks for tagging along with us.  Are there any stores in your town that just inspire you?  Tell me all about it;)

Have a blessed day.

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