Wednesday, March 21, 2012

beautiful soul...give-away!

Good morning girlies.  I'm linking with my friend Alicia today for her new Happy Day project.  Wish I was feeling it.  I hate PMS.  It seriously distorts everything doesn't it??  Life is sweet, but PMS sucks.  Anyhoo...her assignment was to visit a nursery.  Luckily that was on my to-do list anyway.

I bought the cutest little red chicken feeder awhile back when I was in Illinois, and I knew just what I wanted to do with it.  Last year when I visited my friend Lissa she bought one and it was filled with succulents.  So me with my limited brown thumb thought maybe...just maybe, I could try that for myself.

It turned out really cute.

Speaking of cute;)

(heart banner is from Alicia's shop)

They are going on my fireplace mantle, but today they are adjusting.  I've got them freshly planted and sitting on my deck soaking in some light and love.  Once a week I'm going to sit them outside, so they can get a healthy dose of sunshine.  I'm hoping that will do it.  There are a few cactus mixed in and the lady said they need lots of light.  EEEK!  Who knows how long they'll live, so my project might fail, but at least I tried;)

Speaking of projects...I'm going to be adding some new art to my shop soon.  I'm loving the painted beachy wood look right now.  This beautiful soul is my newest piece.  It just looks like it was made for that spot doesn't it??  To celebrate SPRING and just life in general I'm going to give-away a smaller version of my beautiful soul. 

To enter you'll need to link up to the Feed my Family Friday post this week...I'll leave the link open until NEXT FRIDAY and that's when I'll announce the winner.  
Good luck ladies:)

Have a blessed day.

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511.  a new creative direction
512.  my fergie love
513.  a day to get things done

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