Wednesday, March 14, 2012

cutting strings

I'm sitting here full of emotion.  We close on our Minnesota house tomorrow once and for all.  All the pieces finally came together.  We got our buyers!!  God is amazingly good.  Thinking about the house I can't help but reflect on when we first moved in.  Big Chick was three and Little Chick was still in a car seat.  We pulled up so anxious and excited.  We had walked through the house when it was just drywall, now we would see it in it's completion.  It didn't disappoint.  The smell of fresh paint and carpet...the new everything.  It was SO exciting.  It was our first dream house.

Seven years and a million memories later I sat alone in that basement with packed boxes all around me...reliving all the family time we had spent in that room.  All the things I had made in my studio, the dreams that had been realized.  I kind of had a "moment" with the house.  I thanked God for blessing us and for all the time shared there.  I prayed that He would send a new owner that would love the house as much as we did.

It's been 8 months.  We've been here that long!  Can you believe it??

(the leaving post) 

It actually feels like a lot longer.  In 8 months I have made so many friends. I probably know more people here than I did in MN after 7 years.  After the initial freak out of trying to find my place and constantly comparing Virginia to our has finally become home

Not sure when the happiness finally seeped into my soul, or when the morning dread disappeared.  It was almost startling when it did.  I remember driving around, probably winding down some tree lined path, and I could feel my heart FULL.  Like really full.  Ready to explode FULL!  I don't know how else to describe it.  Everything suddenly seemed to make sense.  I didn't have to convince myself that I knew we had made the right decision...that someday it would all feel right.  The day had come when I knew that I was walking in that truth.  That the giant leap of faith planted us right where we were supposed to be.  PRAISE GOD!

 (the leap of faith announcement post)

So here's to looking plunging ahead to whatever else God has in our path.  Here's to stepping off that ledge and blindly obeying.  Here's to old strings being cut and new ones being tied up with careful hands. Here's to a God that hears my every plea and takes me by the hand and rescues me.

Have a blessed day.

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494.  spray tan
495.  my tropical candle that makes me hear palm trees swaying
496.  a new piece of art
497.  a spurt of energy...clean closets
498.  a new buyer for our home
499.  closing that chapter and focusing on the new one

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