Saturday, January 7, 2012

you asked...i answered

It's time to answer all your burning questions.  Here goes nothin'...

What do you miss most about Minnesota besides your friends? 
Every week there is usually one day that I wake up and feel overwhelmed with grief.  Fear starts sneaking in and I just have to fight tooth and nail not to go down that path.  The "I'm never going to find my bestie here" path.  The friend thing is really hard to move beyond. 

Other than that I miss the shopping.  I had no idea how spoiled I was with the occasional shops and IKEA.  Minneapolis really was a great shopping meca.  I also miss all the people that took care of us.  Our dentist and awesome hairgirl Brie.  It's really been hard filling those spots.

Oh and one more thing.  I miss my old view and the sunsets.  Who wouldn't miss this?

Here's one thing I don't miss.  Bitter cold and snow that stays forever!  Apparently it's been a mild winter for them.  Figures...I move and it warms up;)

Any resolutions?
Oh yeah! I'm that girl. I have to have goals. Even the Bible says if there is no vision the people will parish. I need vision. I need to see that it's all going to work out if I do _______. My resolutions for 2012 are simple...fix food for my family and focus on being healthy.

 Did you sell your house in MN? 
No.  But we have an offer and we are hoping that will all fall into place soon.

 What's your favorite Bible verse? 
I love Psalms 139...the whole entire chapter.  I took a poetry class in high school and had to do a recitation and I memorized and quoted the chapter in front of my class.  It was major.  You know I hate public speaking.  But that speech was annointed and I can almost feel the exhileration just remembering it.

 Do you get a real tree or fake? 
Fake. I guess I'm just too practical and I love a pre-lit tree.  Growing up though I used to beg my dad to hurry up and let us go pick out the tree.  It was my favorite thing.  Guess I grew out of that as I became an adult.

 Favorite movie?
I love movies.  Not sure if I could narrow it down to one.  When I was growing up it would have been The Sound of Music.  Then in my junior high years I'm sure Karate Kid would have been the top pick or Dirty Dancing or Top Gun!  Dang those hormones!  As an adult I've loved all the Bourne movies, The Holiday, 50 first dates, Under the Tuscan Sun... I could really go on and on.

  Favorite recipe? 
I have absolutely no imagination when it comes to meal planning.  NONE!  Thankfully my sweet little family really doesn't care that much about food.  They will eat whatever I come up with.  This year though I'm going to do better in feeding us.  I want to do lots of slow cooker recipes, because my main problem is at dinner time I'm too tired to mess with it and we just eat waffles.  If I get started early in the day I'm golden.

Favorite part of your new home?
My studio of course.  It's where I spend most of my time.

Are you still adding to your vintage mirror collection?
As a matter of fact I am. I just bought one on our trip to Illinois among a lot of other super cool vintage finds. I seriously had such a good shopping day. It was like the sky opened up and a ray of sunshine pointed out the way. It was awesome.

  Do you set a certain time to write your blog?
I'm not a "set" person.  That's too regimented for me.  But I do try to write it when no one's around to distract me.  Usually in the morning I guess after the kids get on the bus. 

 Do you write more than one blog post at a time?
No.  That doesn't work for me.  I have done that a time or two when I was going to be gone on vacation, but usually no.

 Have you ever written something and regretted it?
I wish I could say no, but there have been a couple of times that I wasn't being sensitive enough.  It's always been important to me not to sensor.  I want to be real.  It's my thoughts, but in the process I don't ever want to hurt anyone's feelings. 

Melody Ross

 Who are your favorite artists?
I love Janet Hill.  So classic and timeless.  For greeting cards I really like Bella Pillar.  She has such a fun whimsical style.  Oh and Melody Ross is one of my favorites.  I had the opportunity to attend Brave Girl Camp the very first year and it was incredible meeting her and her family.  Her art speaks to me.  It's colorful and meaningful, and well it's just plain beautiful.

Favorite ice cream??
I don't really have a favorite. I love them ALL! Vanilla...yes! Chocolate....YES! Mint Chocolate...double yes!! What's not to love.

 Favorite Christmas gift?
This one kind of cracks me up.  For our very first Christmas honey didn't know what to get me.  I know he was struggling.  He wanted it to be good, because it was our FIRST, but we had NO money at all.  So what did he do?  He went out and bought me a diamond and gold tennis bracelet.  I about died.  I made him take it back because of course we couldn't afford it.  But that's the gift I remember.  The one I don't have;) And for the record I don't want it.  The memory is what I hold in my heart.

What mascara do you use?
I usually prefer Maybelline Great Lash in very black...waterproof of course. Because as you know I'm an emotional basketcase.

What would be your dream vacation?
Well the last couple of years we have done the dreamy vacation.  Still can't believe we did it, but we've been to Hawaii TWICE!  I cried when we landed and when we left.  It was surreal. 

I've dreamed about going there ever since I was wee little.  Funny how after you get that dream fulfilled you would think another location might surface in it's place, but really there isn't another spot that I dream of going.  Maybe Italy...but not now.

 Do you have a bucket list?
Well this does tie into the previous question I guess.  I do want to go to New York before I die.  I wouldn't say that's my dream vacation, but it's one of those places I have to see before the end.  I also want to illustrate a children's book before that big day.  Hmmmm I know there should be more things, but I can't think of any.

Country music yay or nay?
I do like country music, but I'm not hard core. It can't be TOO country. I'm a more watered down pop variety like Rascall Flatts, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum.

 What's your favorite breakfast food?
I love all breakfast food.  I can't think of one thing I wouldn't eat...except maybe grits.  My favorite might be crepes with berries and whipped cream.

What's your favorite restaurant in Virginia?
Well so far I really like Cafe Caturra.  It's a sweet little spot that has a wine/coffee bar.  There is a cozy fireplace, barnwood wall and local artist paintings on display.  They also have live music on Thursday nights.  It reminds me of Minnesota.

  Do your girls argue?
Uh what siblings do not argue??  But they for the most part play wonderfully together.  On the weekends if we are home they are in the basement playing Barbies together ALL day long.  It thrills my heart.

  Are your girls polar opposites?
They couldn't be more different.  One is all smiles and upbeat.  She's happy to the core.  Even if I'm in a bad mood or lash out at her I can't get the same response. I love her personality.  The other is more sensitive and moody.  She comes out of her room and we are all on pins and needles to see what expression will be on her face.  She feels deeply.  She's a taskmaster.  She's just like her daddy;)

What is your view on dating?
I can't even go there.  When that day comes I'll be a mess and honey will be a disaster!  I'm not even kidding that I may have to medicate him.  He's a giant worry wart.  I know from my own experiences that I'm going to be more strict than my parents were with me. 

  Have you found a church?
We have.  I wish it was a little bit closer to our house, but it's doable.  The pastor is young and seems to have the same kind of religious upbringing we did.  The worship is wonderful.  The people...don't have a clue.  Still haven't plugged in.  We need to get involved.  I'm dying for some friends and I think church could hold the answer for that.

 Do you keep in touch with friends from MN? 
I have one friend that I talk to every week.  One that I wished would call me and a couple that we hit or miss alot.  It's extremely hard for me to think about any of them.  I'm crying now as I type this.  As much as you want things to stay the same when you move it just doesn't.  Life goes on.  They move on and it hurts to the core.  I'm really good at the long distance thing.  I'm a pro at it actually.  Most of my closest friends are bloggers, but that's not a gift alot of people have. 

 How do you pronounce your last name?
It's sounds like Stray-lee.  I actually love my last name.  I was a Brown before...Becky Brown.  Isn't that cute?  But it wasn't unusual and I like being a little different.

  Are you a good singer?
I think so...especially when I'm singing in the car with the music blaring;)

  How many siblings do you have?
I have two older brothers.  Rick is my oldest brother and he just turned 50 this year.  My other brother is Jim and he just turned 49.  So I was the baby.  My folks swear up and down I wasn't an ooops baby though.

 Do you have a hollywood crush?
I love Simon Baker from the Mentalist.  I think Josh Duhamel is really cute.  Oh and the dark haired guy on Hawaii 5-0 is a cutie.  But really the only crush I have is my honey. 

He is my ideal.

Have a blessed day.

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350.  down 3 pounds...yippee!
351.  coconut seltzer water
352.  my feeling techy 
353.  it was 68 degrees on jan. 7th
354.  my first friday "sugar"'s coming along

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