Monday, January 9, 2012

the cure


Tomorrow will be day 10 into the New Year.  Are you still all fired up and ready for change in your life?  I am!  I've been doing a cleanse so to speak.  When I was home over Christmas I noticed a book my mom was reading called The 30 day Diabetic Cure.  My mom has diabetes.  I don't, but the book was right on.  I just knew if I followed it's guidelines I would once and for all be free from some unhealthy habits.

The first phase has you giving up caffeine, sugar, bread, cereal, crackers etc..., fruit, soda and sweeteners.  In it's place you can have meat, eggs, beans, dairy and veggies.  On January 1st I immediately started my Cure.  I love eggs and all forms of dairy.  Beans and veggies not so much, but I've been incorporating them.  I've replaced coffee with decaf sweetened with Stevia and Cinnamon.  The author said that was alright.  I replaced diet soda with seltzer water and a splash of Pomegranate juice.  One yummy snack I came up with was greek yogurt with natural peanut butter or canned pumpkin mixed in.  SO GOOD!

The first three days were the hardest.  I felt really sluggish.  Absolutely no energy and the headaches were awful.  For years I've suffered with headaches.  Every day I have one at some point.  On day three they went away.  I was headache free!  Oh and I had no appetite.  Don't know how that happened but maybe the carb roller coaster I was on made me want to eat all the time.  It really is amazing how much food controls how you feel. 

When I went to buy my refills for my planner I couldn't find any this year.  Why is it that they hook you with these cute little organizers and then fail to carry the refills?  GRRRR!  Anyway it's forcing me to use my ipad's calendar.  I'm so not techy that way.  I'm a pen and paper kind of gal.  Do you guys keep track of things electronically or do you still keep a written record??

All I know is that it's making me very DEPENDENT on this thing. Heaven forbid it stops working or I drop it and it's toast. I can't even think about it.  So I wrapped up my new baby in some fleece.  Isn't she cute?  All you do is make a little sleeve and then I punched some holes at the top for a little drawstring.  I was thinking of making a few.  Let me know if you'd be interested in something like that or not.

Have a blessed day.


355.  feeling good...going in the right direction
356.  Jeanne's new online class rocks!
357.  chicken white chili simmering in my crockpot
358.  laundry all washed and ready to be folded
359.  church this week was so anointed i felt it to my toes 

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