Monday, January 30, 2012

oh my goodness!

Had my first binge day since I started my new healthy diet at the first of the year.  It was inevitable eventually I guess.  I cut sweets, soda and bread cold turkey.  Didn't even allow caffeine.  Saturday was spent painting sets right next to a kitchen filled with my favorite cookies....shortbread dipped in dark chocolate.!!!  I remained strong...walked on by. 

Then the PMS hormones kicked in full blast on Sunday and my cravings for chocolate were just too much.  I snuck a handful of frozen chocolate covered almonds, (I froze them thinking they would be too hard to eat...NOT) then because I'd already caved I thought shoot I might as well call it a cheat day.  Next followed a huge bowl of buttered popcorn, 7 mini Heath bars, a giant buttered bagel with cinnamon and sugar...hmmmm what else???  Am I the poster child for what not to do or what??  Let's see what is the lesson here?  I'm thinking if you are dying for really can't get your mind off it dying...just have it.  One little piece, and then be done.

Thank you so much for all the notes of encouragement and prayers concerning our house in Minnesota. We got a call from our realtor on Saturday night saying we had a new buyer. I know! Apparently they called all their realtor friends and explained what happened and kicked up a lot of interest. People were coming out of the woodwork!!! I really can't believe it, and as much as I'm relieved and excited about it, now I'm a little gun shy and feel like until the papers are signed anything can happen.

There is also this underlying sense of guilt. Within 24 hours my prayers were answered and another buyer came forward. I got so many comments and letters from readers explaining their own hardships and housing issues and to be honest they were a LOT worse than mine...and yet ours got resolved. I don't know why things like that happen. It doesn't seem fair at all. I don't have the answers at all except to say that his timing doesn't make sense. Your answer will come...IT WILL. Don't give up. Don't lose faith. He has a plan for your life...a very good plan.

Okay so I wanted to show you a little of what's been taking my time for this CYT play Big Chick is in.  She's going to be a Chinese villager and warrior in proud of my little actress;)  On the weekends I've been painting away.  One of the big projects they had in store for me was a dragon.  Eeeek...never done anything remotely dragon like before.

My friend Jean (she REFUSED to let me take her picture...geesh) and I started with a tracing machine and then that didn't work, so we sketched this dragon and a giant phoenix bird out by hand!  Then we traced it in with charcoal and finally started adding in the details.

Jean took the phoenix and I took the dragon, so this is my dragon baby.  I can't believe how good it turned out.  They are going to cut around it and then hang it from the top of the stage somehow.

When they found out that I was artsy they had big plans for my skills.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing.  I was a little nervous that they had too much faith in me.  But you know what?  It's like anything else that I start.  If I just begin...somehow HE is always there to help me figure it out.  It's like that in life too.  Just take that step of faith and the details will all come together.  It just does.  Love you girls.

Have a blessed day.

403.  a dragon baby;)
404.  a new friend to laugh with
405.  prayers poured out for my family
406.  answers and promise and hope

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