Friday, January 27, 2012

the deal's off!

Just had an interesting conversation with the Lord while I was in the shower.  It went something like this....Lord do you allow me to walk through crap sometimes, just so I can share it on my blog??  Just so someone who might be going through something similar can relate?  Cause really it would be easier for me if we just stuck to smooth sailing.  Unfortunately he didn't answer me back...he didn't have to;)

Honey just called me a few minutes ago and I could tell by his pensive...fake cheerful voice that he was trying to tell me something in the least dramatic, least painful way possible.  Apparently the loan officer failed to tell our buyer that he needed a certain dollar amount in the bank to qualify for his VA loan, so his loan fell through.  That's right girls  I said it...the deal's off!  Oh and the furnace in our old house isn't working...grrrrr. 

Am I disappointed YES?!  Am I mad at God?  No.  I wish life was easy.  I wish it didn't require a huge amount of daily faith to get by.  I wish that loan officers weren't ignorant!  But the fact is that disappointment comes to all of us.  I have a friend who just lost a baby...another who is going through a divorce.  People write me about how they are waiting for answers to come...that their husbands have been out of work for a very long they are so hungry for friends that loneliness has taken a hold of them.  If we expect smooth sailing in life we are going to be let down over and over again. 

I'm not putting the weight of this house mess on my shoulders.  It's not for me to worry about.  I'm continuing to trust.  He's got it covered.  Regardless of the outcome it will be alright.  So there's the ugly truth.  Life sucks sometimes, but joy comes in the morning.  I can hardly wait for daybreak.  **Please pray that a new buyer comes.  Our realtors are scrambling.

Have a blessed day.

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