Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the beauty hunt

Today was beyond beautiful.  The sky begged me to come outside.  I spent most of the morning in bed.  I get horrible cramps.  This month was exceptionally bad for some reason.  Finally after laying there until my entire body was achy I decided to put on some tennis shoes, grab my camera and go for a beauty hunt.

January is a tricky month to find beauty.  It's dormant.  Every living thing is in wait.  The leaves, the critters, all the little flowers...waiting just beneath the surface to break free.  Do feel like you are in wait too?? 

If you ask for your eyes to be open to the will find it.


Sometimes it's not in the package you were expecting.  It may be covered in prickles.

It may appear to be a weed. 


You may have to get really close to see it...down on your hands and knees.  But when you go searching for it I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  It's been there, right in front of you, all along.

Have a blessed day.

407.  ibuprofen
408.  feeling warmth from the sun in jan.
409.  the luxury of being able to stay in bed when i don't feel good
410.  recognizing and appreciating beauty
411.  pine needles swishing in the breeze

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