Sunday, December 18, 2011

this is how we roll

Well it's all a blur for us.  The paper has been ripped off the packages. The fun has begun:)  We started the festivities on Friday night.   

I haven't watched this movie since I was Little Chick's age.  Do you remember Swiss Family Robinson?  Love that movie.  Something about living in a tree house appeals to me.  It was action packed.  My Little Chick even cried in one scene.  Remember when the dogs chase the tiger??  Well it was pretty scary let me tell ya. 

Saturday was our Christmas.  We took off for donuts, but decided that might not be a great idea on an empty stomach so we hit McDonald's first.  Uh can you say diet suicide??  We only do it once a year, so it's alright I guess.  Still hard not to be riddled with guilt.

Picking out the donuts is a big decision.  Heaven forbid you get home and not have the ones you really want.  Cracked me up as the line behind us grew. 

We are quickly adjusting to the weather here btw.  I can't say I miss snow.  Oh and I'm loving the trees without leaves.  You can actually see into the woods.  It's really pretty.  When we do get snow it's going to be beautiful...every limb and branch draped in white.

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

One of the few times a year my honey actually cheats and indulges in something unhealthy.  He is a rock star when it comes to eating clean.  I'm so proud of him.  Actually it kind of bugs me a little, but that's just because I'm jealous of his discipline.  I blame hormones.

When we asked the girls what they wanted for Christmas...Big Chick said the game of Life, and Little Chick said slippers.  Uh I think we can manage that;)  Look at her face...who knew the game of Life could be so exciting?!  Goodness I love these girls.

Don't you just love what comes out of the mouths of babes??

Okay so after we were done I had one more thing for Honey.  It was too big to wrap, so we took him into the basement and covered his eyes.  The anticipation was just so HIGH!  I'm sure he thought he was getting some amazing gift like a big screen TV or something.

Imagine his disappointment when it was a vacuum cleaner!  In my defense I really thought that was an awesome gift.  He vacuums for me and he's always complaining about how heavy and awkward the other one is so I thought he would love his new toy.  Hmmmm maybe not. 

It's all even though because he got me tons of WORKOUT CLOTHES and WORKOUT MUSIC!  Which is great and all;)  Lord knows I needed some, but uh are you trying to tell me something dude??   Okay I get the message.  I need to eat clean like you, and get my bootie in high gear!

Last night we drove around and looked at Christmas lights.  Let me tell ya Virginians go all out with their lights.  It's probably due to the warmer weather.  I particularly like the wreaths nailed all the way up the tree.  Good stuff right there:)

We saw Rudolf and some other reindeer last night too.  We had the opportunity to take in run over...several deer.  Geesh it's dangerous to drive around here at night.  Thankfully they saw us before we saw them.

Is there anything sexier than this??  Seriously pitter patter!!  Merry Christmas to me;)

Have a blessed day.

319.  chocolate covered cake donuts
320.  love notes from my girlies
321.  new music to move to
322.  throwing away nasty old workout clothes and feeling pretty while sweating
323.  fergie...who gives us the gift of her love everyday
324.  a honey who vacuums for me and looks good doing it
325.  not hitting those deer
326.  the gift of Jesus...giver of all gifts

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