Tuesday, December 20, 2011

last minute homemade gifts

My favorite gifts to give are homemade ones.  As I was thinking of the sweet friends back in Illinois that I'm going to see soon I thought what better gift than a walk down memory lane.  This picture of us is kind of old, but I remember taking it.  Every single time we get together we do the same thing.  Take a picture in the same spot.  Usually on a bench at the mall.  Cracks me up:)  But you know what, I love our little routine.  It's familiar and fun.  Those trips to the mall are priceless to me...ha!

If you are struggling for a last minute gift idea this one is really simple.  Just print out a favorite photo.  I just used copy paper, and then sprayed it with a fixative to insure that it wouldn't smear.  Next decorate a canvas however you want.  I used a wide canvas so it would sit up on it's own.  Then just slap some Mod Podge or glue on the back and front and voila.  Instant photo art:) 

I also made some memory verse magnets.  I'm thinking of selling some of these in my shop.  I know personally I need to surround myself with His word!

And there you have it.  A sweet walk down memory lane...all tied up with a bow:)  Hopefully they'll just skip reading this post;)  Total spoiler alert!

Have a blessed day.

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